Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 22

22 PL&P Solotech Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary FORWARD-THINKING FOR By Kevin Young S ince being founded in Montreal in 1977, Solotech has become a world-class provider of technical solutions and services for a broad range of clients, market sectors, and applications worldwide. Since marking their 35 th anniversary in 2012, the company has continued to expand and evolve with the goal of better serving its growing client base while adopting and deploying leading-edge technologies from the various tech segments it covers. For insight into their recent efforts, operations, and future trajectory, Professional Lighting & Production approached Philip Giffard and Martin Chouinard, presidents of Solotech’s Sales and Integration and Rental Divisions, respectively, as well as President and CEO Martin Tremblay. Solotech announced Tremblay’s appointment as president and CEO on June 1st, 2017. He boasts years of experience in entertainment and technology, having served as pres- ident and CEO of Ubisoft before moving to L.A. to fill the role of president/CEO and, ultimately, president of worldwide studios for Vivendi Games, and later as president of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) and executive VP of strategy and development for the Just for Laughs Group. Tremblay’s diverse experiences in the entertainment and technology fields are a good fit for Solotech’s ongoing growth and evolving vision and there’s definitely a con- nection between his background and Solotech’s expertise. In each case, he’s been integral in provid- ing support and tools to col- leagues, clients, and consumers in terms of design, engineering, and ensuring that products that may not necessarily fit together at first glance, work flawlessly to realize a common vision. Tremblay’s current focus for the company is unsurprisingly forward-looking. The question he poses is: “What is the business going to look like, say, five years from now?” Obviously, the need for traditional production technology – audio, lighting, video, and so on – will continue. “But everything is turning to IT now,” he offers. “It’s extremely complex. The technol- ogy is mind blowing.” Knowledge is key, he continues, adding that he’s impressed with the capabilities that Solotech brings to the table. “We’re looking at the business, not as it is now, but what it’s going to be, and we want to be among the enterprises and companies that exist within this space and innovate.”