Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 2

A DREAM PARTNERSHIP PHOTO: COURTESY OF JEFF VINNICK IMAGES THE RIG INCLUDES 294 OF THE NEW JDC-1 STROBES, 147 OF THE AWARD-WINNING X4 BAR 20 AND 38 GT-1 HYBRIDS Lady Gaga’s Lighting Designer, Leroy Bennett, included over 500 GLP fixtures (provided by Solotech and purchased specifically for the tour from Canadian distributor AVL Media Group) in the lighting rig for her Joanne World Tour. “These fixtures are great; the flexibility that the product has is wonderful and it gave me all the things I was expecting. Lady Gaga is the first show I have used them on and they have been absolutely fabulous.” AVL Media Group Product Lineup “YOUR PREMIER CANADIAN DISTRIBUTION PARTNER” 514-400-0110