Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 10

A.C. Lighting Announces Staff Changes Rosco Acquires DMG Lumière Rosco has announced its acquisition of film, television, and broadcast LED spe- cialist company DMG Lumière. DMG Lumière was founded in Lyon, DMG Lumiere Co-Founder Nils de Montgrand (left) & Rosco France in 2014 by Owner Stan Miller brothers Mathieu, Nils, and Jean de Montgrand and their partner Nicolas Goerg, who will all now join the Rosco team. “DMG Lumière is the perfect partner as we look to grow our business, and we’re delighted to welcome them into the Rosco family,” says Rosco CEO Mark Engel. Rosco says the acquisition is a win-win situation for customers of both companies and that DMG Lumière’s technology and talent will further de- velop the Rosco LED lighting product range. Rosco’s global sales, market- ing, distribution, and customer service teams will provide customers easier access to the DMG product range worldwide, according to the company. For more information, contact Rosco Canada: 905-475-1400, FAX 905- 475-3351, John Devries Joins CETEC Group as Pro AV Rep Wayne Korhonen, president of CETEC Group, has announced the appointment of John Devries as the company’s national pro AV representative. Devries comes to CETEC from Roland Pro AV Canada, where he spent 10 years as national sales manager. The company says John Devries Devries’ skills in professional audio/video sales and sales operations are a considerable asset for CETEC Group. “John brings formidable pro audio/video experience as CETEC continues to experience rapid growth,” says Korhonen. Devries can be reached directly at or 289-839-9293. For more information, contact CETEC Group: 888-759-1170, A.C. Lighting has announced a number of new staff changes, which include the promotion of Tracey Hill to VP of oper- ations, the appointment of Kyla Werrett to the newly-created role of marketing project manager, and the hiring of Dor- othy Brennan as VP of human resources. Hill brings over 30 years of experi- ence in the lighting industry to her new position, which was created to support strategic growth plans. Hill joined A.C. Lighting in 2007 as the human resources/management assistant and in 2010 was promoted to her most recent position of GM, where she developed her staff and exponentially grew the operations of the organization. As VP of operations, Hill will be responsible for overseeing customer service, technical service and repairs, and logistics. Werrett has over 15 years of mar- keting experience and comes to A.C. Lighting from TOA Canada Corporation. As marketing project manager, Werrett will be responsible for the implementa- tion of A.C. Lighting’s North American marketing strategy, plans, and programs. She will be working on deve [B\[x&\ܝ[Y\X[\[BXHXX][ۜY\[][][Y[[[\[Y[][ۋ[]YXX\][[XY]Bܜܘ]HؚX]\˂\و[[[ݙ\ YX\و\X^\Y[H[Y\KˈY[H[YX[[\[\ \HH[H[YB][ۋ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XK˂Y[Έ MLMKNMM ܝ[Y\XPXY[˘K˘XY[˘KX^H[[H\]ܛH[[KˈY[\X][SYH YKˈY[\[[YHZ\و]\X][ۈYܙY[Y[ˈH\[H[\X]H BSYx&\[[H۝\[\[[XXH][X[X[YX\\YXܛ[YB[HK˂SYH\[[\[[]ܚX\Yٝ\HXYH][H\\][^H[\[ݚ[›Y\˂KˈY[&\X[]YY\]\X]HH[X[ۈو[[HY&HQ X\Y[ݚ[Š THKˈY[&\YZZ\K]\X Y&BXY]XY[]\K\\YY[\˂X[ܘX[H KˈY[&\[Y['\\Y[][H[^][[YH܈KˈY[8'H^\YZZ\KوKˈ [YX[[\]KˈY[˂HYX]HY\X][ۈX[ 8'YXٙ\\[[ܙYXH[Hو[ݚ[Y܈Hٙ\[ۘ[Y[X\] \\ B\\]Y\H\[ۈوY \]X[]HX]ٙ\Y[YH8)XYHH\X]܈]ݚY\ܛ\\XH[\HYX]Y[]\[]K[ً]H\][ۜH[\Z[Y[[\KH]HۛۈY܈YH[YH[\H^]Y\HH[[]œX]HKˈ[[YX[X\]X\˸'B܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XKˈY[Έ MLMKNMM ܝ[Y\XPXY[˘K˘XY[˘KL[\ M