Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 46

An Avolites Tiger Touch II console is in control of a new version of Raiding the Rock Vault, which opened in March for a six-month run at Vinyl, located inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Ve- gas. The popular production tells the story of classic rock with all- star musicians who play the hits from legendary rock bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and many others. “I’ve never touched an Avolites console before this,” admits LD Robert Pick. “I told [production designer/programmer Paul Dexter] to give me a few minutes and I would figure it out – and I was right! It’s so easy to learn.” Project Update For the 2017 Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, lighting inventory was supplied by PRG’s L.A. office and included vast quantities of GLP’s new generation fixtures, including X4 atoms and X4 Bar 20s, for per- formances by both Bruno Mars and Beyoncé. Full Flood also specified 20 pieces of impression X1 into custom “beacon” housings designed by lighting director Mike Berger for the performance by A Tribe Called Quest. For Beyoncé’s performance, LD Cory FitzGerald discreetly set up multiple X4 Bar 20s on floor carts in two rows for the main “wall of light.” “The fixtures not only created a beautiful background, but at the same time were able to punch through and hit the music when needed,” says FitzGerald. The 2017 Ultra Miami dance music festival drew 150,000 music fans to the Bayfront Park site in downtown Miami for a diverse lineup with some of the biggest international DJs and producers. Robe moving lights were specified for four of the main performance areas – the Carl Cox & Friends Arena, Main Stage, Live Stage, and Arcadia, which is a giant spider made from recycled industrial waste that is newly lit with Robe after a major investment by Arcadia Spectacular. For Arcadia, at the centre of the spider’s lighting rig were 16 Robe BMFL WashBeams, with six used for the three sets of spider eyes, complete with custom “halo” rings. Twenty Pointes were rigged on the three legs and under the spider’s belly, and then nine LEDWash 600s multi-tasked during the Arcadia show, lighting the aerialists and other aspects. 46 • PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION HAYWARD LD Matt Guminski was called in to design American pop singer- songwriter JoJo’s 2017 Mad Love Tour just a week before the tour launched and turned to Elation Professional moving heads and effect lights. Guminski used a rig of 12 Elation ACL 360i compact LED beam effects, six Elation ZW19 LED moving heads, and eight Elation Cuepix WW2 white light LED blinders, along with hybrid moving heads. “[The ACL 360is] are fast, have good colour mixing, and fill the space beautifully,” Guminski says. “I texture the air around the band and the artist and use them for cool, unique ACL looks. I also use them as a backlight and run pixel map effects across them.” Config- ured on four risers across the back – three on each truss – the fix- ture’s narrow beam is powerful enough to punch through the other lighting on the show, he adds.