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CLASSIFIEDS EMPLOYMENT Freeman Audio Visual Canada supports the power of face-to-face marketing by providing full-service audiovisual rental solutions for corporate events, trade shows, and conventions of all sizes. ONLY 75¢ A WORD • Knowledge of Freeman audiovisual equipment and services an asset. • Possess superior sales and customer services abilities. • Possess a valid driver’s license Visit: Why work for Freeman Audio Visual Canada? • We have the largest team of Audio Visual Professionals in Canada. • We recognize employee contributions through many recognition programs. • We provide the most comprehensive hands-on technical training programs. • We promote individual career planning development opportunities. • We offer a pleasant working environment and an interesting benefits program. We are presently recruiting for: Technical Services Manager at the Hudson in Calgary Position Overview • Managing the Freeman Audio Visual operations at the Hotel. • Selling Freeman Audio Visual services. • Inventory control of all equipment on site. • Help and support the setting up, operating, and dismantling of meetings if necessary. • Meeting with customers and Hotel management. • Public relations within the Hotel. • Preparing quotations, work orders, and correspondence. • Completing weekly reports. Minimum Requirements • Strong organizational skills. • Excellent interpersonal skills. • Good written and oral communication skills. 44 • PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION Lighting Technician Creative Stage Lighting is always accepting resumes from experienced individuals for the position of touring technician. Candidates must have a strong background in the concert touring field. Seeking technicians with experience as crew chiefs, dimmer technicians, and mov- ing light technicians. Commercial Drivers License and ability to relocate is a plus. Please send resumes to: Creative Stage Lighting Co. Inc. PO Box 567 North Creek, NY 12853 Or email to: A well-respected distributor in the video and lighting sector is looking for an Ontario-based sales representative. With over 15 years of experience, the company has established itself as a lead- ing developer and distributor of technical equipment for the performing arts, A/V and touring industries. Montreal based, the company represents world’s leading manufacturers of its industry in Canada, as well as developing innovative products and solutions sold worldwide. With an established customer base, the company is regarded today as the leading manufacturer nationwide for technical stage equipment. The company is looking for creative, dynamic and proactive candidates who enjoy working in a fast-paced industry with like-minded people that are passionate about their work. Please Contact: Alexandra D. Tessier Human Resources 514-939-3077 NEED A DYNAMITE EMPLOYEE? Find the perfect person for the position you need to fill by placing a classified ad RIGHT HERE! Use this space to find the person who will take your company to the next level! Call Maureen Jack at 905-374-9012, FAX 888-665- 1307, e-mail: for details. You can also submit y ȁͥ)ܹɽͥѥ)AI=U QL) Ё1ѥLQЁ ͥ)ѕхЁ1ѥЁѠѥ) Ё1ѥ QЁ ͥ́)ѕхЁ1ѥѠѥɽ٥)ɕ́ݥѠѕЁ܁Ѽ)Սѡݽɱ)ѥͥѕ)Qѡ́ٔɕɝ镐ѡ)Ѽѡɕɕͥٔѡɽ՝)ɕ٥͕͕ѥ̰ٕɥѽ䰁ե)Ёѕ䰁ͥ)х܁ɵѥ1ѕ)ᕰɽѥѥ̰)͕ٕ̰ѽѕѥͽѥ́)٥̰5`ѡɹЁɽ̰)ͥȁչѥɅѥ)Q́ͼɕ́ѡɽ̵͔)ЁѥѕՕ́٥)ѡɔѡɅєݽɱ)ѕݥѠ٥ɽѕȁͥ)Ս́ ՍḬ ͵]ͽ)MɅ1Ը)ɽ͕ɥɕ́Ʌ́Ѽ)ݥѡЁեЁѼ͔Ѽ)ͥܰ͡ѡٕٕ́́ѡ)ͥȁ́Ѽ܁Ёݽɭ)ѡѽɥ)=ɑȁQ䁅Ё1ѥ ́A̰)ܹѥ̹@(ܸЁ́L !MPԴ)] M%QL)ܹѥ̹Lɕ)ٕ́ɥѥ́Ёɕѕ́Ѽ)ѥ́ аQɥQX)ɔ=ѥ́ɥMхɑ̸Mɔ)ɑɥ䁝ՅɅѕݽɱ)ݥ͡Ё ѥѕ́م