Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 38

ETC ColorSource Linear 4 ETC has launched the ColorSource Linear 4 fixture. This is the third and longest variation of the ColorSource Linear fixture and measures 2 m in length. Like the Linear 1 (1/2 m) and Linear 2 (1 m) fixtures, Linear 4 comes in both original and deep blue array options. Every half-meter of the Linear 4 is individually addressable and controllable from the seven-segment display. It’s designed to be like hav- ing four fixtures in one. This linear fixture is ideal for use as curtain warmers, sidelights, an unbroken stage wash, and in any installation location that is too narrow for other standard fixtures. For more information, contact ETC: 608-831-4116, FAX 608-836-1736, Kinesys Apex Chain Hoist System Kinesys has launched the Apex chain hoist system. The system is launched with a new hoist controller and two new chain hoists. The range includes both 500 kg and 1,250 kg hoists with maximum speeds of 30 m/min and 12 m/min, respectively. All the hoists have inte- gral loadcells, silent dual monitored brakes, absolute and incremental encoders, and meet the requirements of EN61508-SIL3 and DIN56950. The drive units can be either rack or truss mounted and pass through connections for both power and data make cabling simpler. Standard power and Ethernet cables offer more flexibility. A clear touchscreen display provides operators with essential feedback and allows manual control of the hoist from the controller itself. Safety-over-data is fundamental to the Apex system, allowing bi-directional SIL3 safety information to pass over the data network. This permits multiple controllers to be linked together for group shutdown if required. For more information, contact Kinesys USA: 844-546-3797,, 38 • PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION