Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 37

Laserworld Tarm DOT Laser System Laserworld has expanded the Tarm range with the release of the Tarm DOT, a white light RGB show laser system with a starry sky effect and others. Tarm DOT is a DMX multi-effect projector with white balance and unique glass effects. It’s a pure diode solution with analog colour modulation and a guaranteed output power of 3,900 mW. Amongst others, the Tarm DOT can create the “microstar” effect, which simulates a starry sky in white light or different colour shades. There are other optical effects built in that can be triggered simi- larly to an optical bench. The control of the Tarm DOT is through DMX, so no laser software is required. This allows for easy integration to exist- ing set-ups, especially on large stages and at large scale productions. For more information, contact Laserworld USA: info@laserworld. com, 407-915-5577, PR LIGHTING AQUA 440 BEAM PR Lighting Aqua 440 Beam & LED 600 Spot Waterproof Moving Heads PR Lighting has introduced its Aqua waterproof moving heads. The AQUA 440 Beam, which is the waterproof version of the XR440 Beam, takes advantage of the new high output Osram 440-W discharge lamp to deliver a punchy and parallel 3.1-degree beam. Also released is the Aqua LED 600 Spot, which in addition to offering protection against rain and humidity maintains an ideal working temperature in hot or cold conditi ons, making it ideal for permanent installations. Both fixtures are IP44-rated. For more information, contact L.C. Group: 450-755-6091, FAX 450- 753-5298,, PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION • 37