Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 32

The video and projection content displayed across the City Walk is continually changing from advertisements to ambient displays and scheduled shows that run for three to five minutes every hour after dark. As far as the experience that visitors are walking into, the City Walk is broken into three segments: The Gateway, Showstreet, and Place Des Lumières (plaza of light). When visitors approach the City Walk from the road, they’re met by two massive 10 mm-pitch LED screens that span the buildings along each side of The Gateway. There are 12 LED screens in total in the City Walk, all made by Pixcom, with the two Gateway screens spanning 86.4 m and 57.6 m, respectively, 32 • PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION and each being 6.48 m high. To say they grab visitors’ attention would be an understatement. Past the Gateway down the Showstreet, the smaller screens provide ambiance and range from about 8 to 48 m in length and about a half-metre high. These LED panels are placed across the tops of the buildings. In addition to the LED screens, the 30 Digi- tal Projection Titan 930 WUXGA 15K projectors are located throughout the complex to project onto the walls of the buildings and the ground underfoot. An additional four Christie Roadster S+22K-Js rise out of the ground at night to proj- ect onto the water screens that emerge from the fountain in the centre plaza. To solve the problem of synchronization, Cyr and his team integrated 30 Coolux Pandoras Box two-in/two-out video servers, as well as two of Float4’s own RealMotion servers. As well, they also incorporated DM-MD64X64 and DM-MD128X128 video matrix switchers from Crestron. “In case of a failure, with one press of the button, we can go on the spare server, so there is a lot of control in the back of the system,” adds Cyr. Since walking through the complex is supposed to be an immersive experience, Meraas wanted to offer visual content on more than three surfaces (left, right, and below); subsequently, there is a low-res LED canopy overhead, which is referred to as the “Diagrid,” that spans the length of the walkway. There are roughly 2,500 custom-made, low-res hexagonal LED fixtures in the grid. From the Gateway, where patrons are wel- comed by the two mammoth LED screens, and down the Showstreet, where there is video and projection to the left, right, and underfoot, visi- tors then entre the circular Place Des Lumières to behold its eye-catching water screens. The water screens are created by mechanical arms that rise out of the fountain to form a projection surface. The only way to project onto the water screens was to place the four 22K Christie Roadster projectors beside the fountain. The problem, though, was that XYZ’s client did not want any projectors to be visible during the day when they’re not in use. The solution for the XYZ team was to design custom lifts that rise out of the ground when the nighttime shows begin. With the top of the lift covered in a black marble that matches the base of the fountain, they then disappear when the projectors are