Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 31

of at the same level, showing that we’ve grown up and doing bigger projects, and at that point we just felt that we were really having a great fit in terms of expertise. They were doing this kind of experience, doing the concept, and at the same time XYZ was doing bigger infrastructure projects.” With offices in Mexico and Dubai in addition to Montreal and Quebec City, XYZ certainly has a lot of experience with large multimedia projects, having worked on the Era circus production in China, the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Mexico, and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium in Montreal, among many others. “So [Simionescu] felt that with us, XYZ, he would find a good ally on this kind of project,” continues Lavoie. “[City Walk] was a very complicated project because of the way that it was structured. There were many heads, many clients, and the marketing side of Meraas, the infrastructure clients of Meraas, and then all the subcontractors, the MEPs. So we needed to be very strong together and I think that is what we did.” When XYZ was brought in, the complex was built and the stores already open. As well, much of the AV equipment was already purchased and the LED screens were in place, so the XYZ team had constraints it needed to work within and its job was largely to make it work together and turn Meraas and Float4’s vision into reality. “It was up to Float4 to build up the content on a design point. For XYZ, we were there to bring the technical aspects and to revise what we could revise to get some direc