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you can do, their data transfer capabilities are pretty much wide open. After all,” he adds, “this is the first stage of the system, and it will evolve in the next few years.” Eady is proud of how seamlessly the entire project came together, particularly considering the timeline. “It was a great coming together of the right people at the right time,” he says succinctly. Kantorovich adds that the synergy between the collaborators was a significant benefit, and that venue administration and IATSE Local 58 members have directly expressed their satisfac- tion with how everything was conducted and, perhaps more importantly, the system they now have at their disposal. McKendrick lauds his longtime partners at Christie for their role in the refit. “They were our first step towards a much different Massey Hall – one that will be a lot friendlier to visiting productions.” That will include a proper loading dock, new lobby and performance spaces, and some other technical enhancements, including better capabilities for live broadcasts and remote recordings. Of course, the first installed performance lighting system in the venue’s 123-year history will also heighten the experience for the ven- ue’s esteemed patrons, now and as the iconic landmark enters a new era of entertainment in Toronto. Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief of Professional Lighting & Production. Christie Lites Rentals come in and prep the rig in the shop as they would for any world tour – every cable tested, colour-coded, and ready to go. So we walked in as if it was coming with a touring package with no concerns about what went where.” Kantorovich notes that, once the rig was delivered, they had it up and running in about four hours. The new stage lighting system is driven by an MA Lighting grandMA 2 with a redun- dant backup PC-based package. Dike says the desk’s ability to be configured to operate like other popular consoles was a big factor in its adoption. “The built-in stage view is extremely useful in this situation, as due to the seating requirements of some shows, the operator can’t always see the downstage truss,” he adds. “The Gear at a Glance Massey Hall’s new stage lighting package Control 1 x MA Lighting grandMA2 Full Console 1 x MA Lighting grandMA2 on PC with Fader Wing (Backup) Custom Data Racks for FOH and Stage w/ Fibre Optic Snake, including equipment from ProPlex, Pathway Connectivity & City Theatrical ability to clone in fixtures from a current touring show is well-known to designers and operators using the console and has the power to quickly adapt the show to a new rig, saving a lot of time for tours adapting their shows to the rig.” Eady notes that the control configura- tion for the rig is one of the more interesting aspects of the job: “They have a vast amount of redundancy and major capabilities between FOH and the deck.” Between the Pathway Connectivity Path- port DMX/RDM Ethernet gateways, ProPlex fibre links, and other solutions, he says they’ve virtually future-proofed the package as far as data transfer via several popular protocols. “All the capabilities are built in, so while the building currently limits the size of the show fantastic,” he enthuses. “It was really, once we got going, probably the sim plest and most trouble-free purchase of this size we’ve made in my time here. It was on target, went in on time, and everything worked. The ongoing support we’ve received has been great, just like everything else.” Massey Hall is now amidst the earliest stages of its $135-million enhancement, which will see its doors close in mid-2018 for about two years while the auditorium is significantly revitalized and a new building is added to the rear of the hall on its south side. “Everyone from top to bottom is impressed and excited about the new lighting system,” McKendrick says proudly in closing. “This is Dimming ETC Smart Pack Dimmer System Flown Fixtures 16 x Clay Paky Sharpys 12 x Martin MAC Viper Performances 15 x Martin MAC Viper Profiles 29 x Martin MAC Aura XBs (w/ Custom mounting solution for truss clearance) 13 x Martin Atomic 3000 LED Strobes Ground Fixtures 11 x Robe Spiiders 2 x Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazers Truss 140 ft. Prolyte S36-PRF Pre-Rig Truss PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION • 29