Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 27

Massey Hall was able to secure funding to fast track the new production technologies package ahead of the structural renovations set to begin in July 2018. Last year, the venue put in a brand new, top-tier line array audio system that has seen plenty of use throughout its current season. When it came to refitting the lighting package in 2017, there really wasn’t much to replace. Massey Hall had long been relying on touring productions to carry their own lighting packages, or would rent from Christie Lites’ Toronto location to supplement its no-frills house lighting system and array of par cans. “You really noticed the difference between shows that were carrying their own production and those that weren’t, and we wanted more consistency to put our shows on a higher standard,” begins Doug McKendrick, director of production at Massey Hall. “We were really looking to up the overall production value for the patrons and artists, without having so much of the potential budget for a given show caught up in rental fees.” Simply put, Massey Hall is a To &FVFW'FЦVB6f"#2V'2FRfVBW&f&6RfVЧVRBF7F&26FRBsf7F&7BFRFvFvv&FVF7G&7B2vV6V@66VB7G2g&vFFR6GB&V@FRv&BFRvRB26VVFV6FW0v'Fb7V'7FFG&6f&FBvP7BbFBG&6f&F2VV@F&VvWBFR6G7W'&VFrG2'&6BЧ7FR6fW&VBf:vFRfW"FRV'26R0FV6RvFG2vVBv2f"WRrFR&W'B'VFp&VBFRv2FFVBFFR7G'V7GW&R@FW"6fW'FVBF&67FvR&VFPC276WVFW'vVBWFV6fRFW& &VfF2FB'&VvBFR&v6VB6V@b2SFvF&WB"sSB6ЦV&FbFRfVV^( 2FfW'6'FR&6VVBv26WFVǒ&VgW&&6VB@6VGW&W2G26FR&"v2Vf"'W6W72'WBRbF6RG&6f&F2&P2WFV6fR"V&&FR2FRRFN( 0rVFW'vFR6'&Fb76WB&F626VBfbFP7B6vf6B&WfFƗFG27F'֖rF&W6W'fRBV6RFR7G'V7GW&PvRFFrWrVVVG2F&WGFW"6W'fPW&f&W'2BG&2FFRgWGW&RF6P6VFR&fVVG2F66W76&ƗGFV66g&7G'V7GW&RBFRfW&&W6VFFVf&VBFRfVVR2FFVBFR6v( 6vPFr&fRWfW'F~( f"FRC3R֖ЦƖ&V7BB2&VGWBFB6vFv&VBbFRF6FVB67W&RVǐ#vFFRFFFb7V'7FFWp&GV7FFV6vW26vRFBvVЦ6RG2W6֖r&GV7F2&Vf&R&VpFVw&FVBFFR&WfVB76RFR6vR6VFW2&W76fR6ЧVVBb7FvRƖvFrB6G&&GV7G06B'FR( 2wFRƖvFr&VF&ЧfFW"6&7FRƗFW2v6FRFVBFRfVVP2&VVFWBFv&FW6RV&ƖW7@7FvW2bG2W6FrWrW&bW&F276Wsf7F&7BF&FT"CpCbӃs"C#SPwwr76W6Х$dU54ĔtDrb$ET5D( "#