Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 24

24 • PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION Additionally, the venue features an elevated 135-foot private deck overlooking Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline from the eastern water- front, four full-service bars, and upscale bottle service. “You just can’t beat the views,” Northam says as a side note. The club itself operates one night a week, on Saturdays, leaving it available for other live and special events the remainder of the week. To see the lighting and video system at full throttle, delivering a truly one-of-a-kind spectacle, Saturday is the best night to go. “I’ve had suppliers in town and arranged for them to go [to REBEL]. They said, ‘Sure, we’ll check it out and have a drink,’” Northam shares. The next day, though, he’d hear they didn’t leave the venue until the wee hours because of the almost hypnotic environment and, more specifically, the light show. “They had such a good time they didn’t realize they were there until 3 o’clock in the morning,” he says with a chuckle – and that’s professionals who regularly work with entertainment technologies. REBEL prides itself on providing theatrical light- ing and video production, experiential storytelling, and engaging live performances that combine state-of-the-art video, lighting, sound, and special effects within a huge 45,000-sq. ft. space with a 65-ft. stage – a stage that’s typically inhabited by a renowned performer on REBEL Saturdays. Beyond lighting, beyond audio, beyond décor, REBEL features what could be described as an immersive, interactive experience incorpo- rating live dancers and entertainment as well as stunning visuals. The main room boasts an entirely custom-built lighting and video system. Central to that is a mov- ing truss system comprised of three concentric circles of truss that move independently – from the inside out, one 16-ft. truss circle, one 26-ft. truss circle, and a 36-ft. truss circle, all operated via nine Chainmaster Variolift motors and a Chainmas- ter XYZ motor controller. As for the fixtures loaded onto each, there are 52 Elation ACL360i moving lights in total secured onto the rings. The rings also feature some 800 4- mm LED video panels lining both their inner and outer surfaces, al ݡɔɽ䁽)5ɥUѥєɽѕѼ)ѡɥϊd٥̸)Mѥѡɽ՝ɽչѡ)ɔ͕ٕɅ Ȁ͵́́ݕ̀)ѥȁٕ́ȁѡɥ̸)]хѥѡ䁍͕Ѽɽ٥ɔ)ݡєձѥ̰ɽɥѡ)ѥ́ѥ䰁́ѕɴ)ٕݽɬ̸)]ѡѡɥ́ɔյȁqϊtL)ѡ͔危ݡLɥ͕ذ൴)MA$I1ѥɅ́ɽ٥ѡ)5ɥUѥєɽȸ=݅Ѽ͍ɥ)ѡѕɵ́չѥ́ѡЁѡ䁅ɔͥȁѼ) ɍéܵɕѥɕŸ́QՉ̰Ёȁͱȸ)ݡѡ䁑ѕ䁅Ѽѡݽ܁ѽȰӊéѡ)٥́ѡЁЁѡٕȁѡѽ