Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2017 - Page 14

2017 Next 36% Generation Survey 93% Professional Lighting & Production surveyed lighting, video, and staging professionals across the country to get their thoughts and opinions on the incoming generation of professionals entering the industry. Here are the results… SPEAKING OUT In your experience, what’s your general impression of the newcomers (29 and younger) to the pro lighting/video/ staging industries? Are they more qualified and/or knowledgeable than they were, say, 5-10 years ago? attention spans be- yond what is delivered [in] small sound bites is sometimes lost.” “For me, it comes down to passion for what they are do- ing. I find that the young folks coming in are more in it for the money and don’t care as much about “In some areas they are the end product, and more qualified as digi- how their involvement tal natives; however, helps create the end in general, their lack of goal.” of respondents are 30-39 years old & 56% are older than 40 regularly work with lighting/video/ staging professionals younger than 30. 64% “The work ethic displayed has not changed significantly in the last 20 years. Our industry needs more than a ‘It’s a job’ mindset. We need to hire people that want and need to create.” “This varies by person. There are extremely dedicated and quali- fied people, and there are others who are en- titled know-nothings.” From securing precious contracts to knowing the best equipment to use to design a show, Concert Lighting covers everything a designer needs to know about working in the touring industry. are either very or slightly optimistic about the skills, knowledge & ambition of newcomers (29 and under) to the lighting/video/staging industries while 29% are slightly pessimistic. 43% say the work ethic of newcomers to the industry varies widely while 29% says their work ethic & desire to learn is generally good. 64% believe the industry would ben- efit from a stronger focus on educating & stimulating the younger generation of talent entering the industry. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! $77.94 CDN plus s/h & tax FP641 14 • PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION 1-800-265-8481