Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 44

44 PL&P EMPLOYMENT Freeman Audio Visual Canada supports the power of face-to-face marketing by providing full- service audiovisual rental solutions for corporate events, trade shows, and conventions of all sizes. Why work for Freeman Audio Visual Canada? • We have the largest team of Audio Visual Professionals in Canada. • We recognize employee contributions through many recognition programs. • We provide the most comprehensive hands-on technical training programs. • We promote individual career planning development opportunities. • We offer a pleasant working environment and an interesting benefits program. We are presently recruiting for: Client Solutions Director Montreal As part of the world’s largest brand experience organization, Freeman Audio Visual uses the power of technology to make meaningful connections with a multitude of audiences through the production of meetings, conventions, special events and trade shows with operations in 21 Canadian cities and staffed by more than 700 full-time employees. Freeman Audio Visual provides a full range of services to support the way audiences engage with content as the landscape continues to change. As part of the Montreal Sales team, your role will consist of prospecting, soliciting and establishing relationships with new customers. Your goal will be to grow the Event Management business by providing Creative Event Solutions to new customers and prospects. Responsibilities: • Proactive selling of personalized and creative concepts, meeting customers • Prospecting new customers • Preparing sales proposals for your customers • Customer presentations face to face • Use of CRM system • Overachieve sales targets • Develop successful customer relationships • Attend Sales meetings • Attend related industry association functions • Post-event customer service • Work closely with all departments of the organization • Communicate all event information to the Operations department Requirements: • Relevant experience in B2B sales in a technical and creative field • Creative mindset (thinking) • Audio Visual knowledge/Event Design required • Strong communication and interpersonal skills • Time and priority management • Professional and organized • Good knowledge of MS Office Suite • Bilingual is a must • Knowledge of AutoCAD is an asset • Notable management achievement/ coordination of large events • Knowledge in the field of audio visual and presentation technology or from a related industry • Coming from a middle advocating the promotion of creative solutions and entertainment to customers Take the first step today by applying for this role to become the next member of our great team where the service is incomparable! This is what differentiates us from our competitors, according to our customers and employees Visit: Lighting Technician Creative Stage Lighting is always accepting resumes from experienced individuals for the position of touring technician. Candidates must have a strong background in the concert touring field. Seeking technicians with experience as crew chiefs, dimmer technicians, and moving light technicians. Commercial Drivers License and ability to relocate is a plus. Please send resumes to: Creative Stage Lighting Co. Inc. PO Box 567 North C ɕ9d)=ȁѼ)ɕɕѥٕхѥ)ݕɕѕɥѽȁѡ٥)ѥ͕ѽȁ́ȁ=хɥ)͕́ͅɕɕ͕хѥٔ)]ѠٕȀԁ啅́ɥѡ)䁡́х͕́͡)ٕȁɥѽȁѕ)եЁȁѡəɵ̰X)ѽɥɥ̸)5ɕ͕ѡɕɕ͕)ݽɱéՙɕ́́) ́ݕٕ́مѥٔ)ɽՍ́ͽѥ́ͽݽɱݥ]Ѡ)х͡ѽȁ͔ѡ䁥)ɕɑѽ䁅́ѡՙɕ)ѥݥȁѕхեи)Q䁥́ȁɕѥٔ幅)ɽѥٔѕ́ݡݽɭ)еݥѠѡ)ɔͥєЁѡȁݽɬ)A͔ х)ᅹɄQͥ)!յIͽɍ)ѕͥѡɥํ(д)9e95%Q5A1=e)ѡəЁͽȁѡͥѥ)ѼͥI%!P)!IU͔ѡ́Ѽѡͽݡ)ݥхȁѼѡЁٕ )5ɕ)ЀԴдȰ`Դ(ܰ聵ȹȁх̸e)ͼՉЁȁͥ)ܹɽͥѥ)AI=U QL) Ё1ѥLQЁ ͥ́)ѕхЁ1ѥЁѠѥ) Ё1ѥ QЁ ͥ́)ѕхЁ1ѥѠѥɽ٥)ɕ́ݥѠѕЁ܁ѼՍ)ѡݽɱЁѥͥ)ѕ)Qѡ́ٔɕɝ镐ѡ)Ѽѡɕɕͥٔѡɽ՝)ɕ٥͕͕ѥ̰ٕɥѽ䰁ե)ѕ䰁ͥх)܁ɵѥ1ѕ䰁ᕰ)ɽѥѥ̰͕ٕ̰)ѽѕѥͽѥ́ȁ٥)̰5`ѡɹЁɽ̰ͥ)չѥɅѥQ́)ͼɕ́ѡɽ̵͔)ѥѕՕ́٥ѡɔ)ѡɅєݽɱѕݥѠ٥)ɽѕȁͥ́Ս́ ՍḬ) ͵]ͽMɅ1Ը)ɽ͕ɥɕ́Ʌ́Ѽ)ݥѡЁեЁѼ͔Ѽͥ)ܰ͡ѡٕٕ́́ѡͥ)́Ѽ܁Ёݽɭѡѽɥ))=ɑȁQ䁅Ё1ѥ ́A̰)ܹѥ̹@Āܸ)́L !MPԴ)] M%QL)ܹѥ̹L)ɕٕ́́ɥѥ́Ёɕѕ)Ѽѥ́ аQɥ(QXɔ=ѥ́ɥMхɑ̸)Mɔɑɥ䁝ՅɅѕ)ݽɱݥ͡Ё ѥѕ́م