Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 42

High End Systems Sola SolaFrame 750 LED Moving Head High End Systems has released the SolaFrame 750, the smallest framing fixture in the Sola Series group of automated tools. As a member of the SolaFrame LED family of offerings, this fixture is designed for precise lighting control and aerial effects. Featuring full-frame, four-plane shutters engineered for accuracy and speed, the SolaFrame 750 retains the effects packages from the SolaSpot Series, including CMY colour mixing, linear CTO, fixed and indexing gobo wheels, animation effects, prism, iris, and frost. This model features a compact footprint but a large feature set, making the SolaFrame 750 suitable for smaller to medium-sized venues with its 11,300 lumens. Additional features include 6- to 50-degree zoom and a rotating gobo wheel plus fully continuous animation. The SolaFrame 750 offers the widest array of effects currently available from the company in a fixture of its size. For more information, contact Theatrixx Technologies: 514-939-3077, FAX 514-933-0087,, Claypaky Axcor 300 LED Fixtures Claypaky has launched the Axcor 300 series of compact, cost-effective LED fixtures. The s \Y\š[Y\H^܈ H^܈X[H [H^܈\ H^܈ ^\\][^HH]HQY[[K]H\]Z][[]Y\وB U\\H[\^\K\H\[ XX^\H\[Y[H\[\\وY]X[]H[Y[Y\\X\\X[H]H[YH[YHZ[[[Y\Y܈]œXYXKH^܈ ^\\]HH\X[YZY\YۋXXZH[H[YX[XH܈\H[X]\[]\[ۈY[܈X[\[Y\\HXH\[Z]Y ܈\BZY\X[ۜX^H^\ [Y][ۋZ\X][Z\[ۈYX[^H[H\Y[Y\X\[[\[Z]H]YX\[\^\\˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XK˕ Y[Έ NNML V MM N [\XY[˘K˘XY[˘K [ N