Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 38

GLP Force 120 Fan Effect Fixture GLP has introduced the Force 120 fan effect fixture. It’s a large-diameter, variable-speed fan that can run at speeds from 30 to 750 rpm and is quickly switchable from one extreme to the other. It features internal RGB LED lighting and incorporates high torque motor technology for fast move- ment and quick speed changes. Coupled with internal lighting, this unit is multi-use for dramatic effect as a unique scenic element, or just being used to move air in a rugged versatile housing. The Force 120 measures just over 4.5 ft. square and it features bands of LED tape that light the actual fan blades and can be controlled with differing levels of density, allowing multi-colour projection onto the blades, or alternatively to turn them into a single element. For more information, contact AVL Media Group: 514-400-0110, FAX 514-457-0575,, SGM G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors Luminaire SGM has released the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors, a true Fresnel-based luminaire that is ideal for stages, theatres, and TV/film studios. The motorized barndoors are operated remotely via DMX. Each of the four blades has individual -90 to +40- degree angle control, and the whole module rotates -110 to +110 degrees. The maximum output is achieved at the 15- to 18-degree zoom range. The G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is designed to achieve a coherent and qualified light spectrum in all colour temperatures with a completely even field and no hotspots. This is achieved through a combination of RGBAM additive mixing, the included glass Fresnel front lens, SGM firm- ware, and colour mixing based on red, green, blue, amber, and mint LEDs. For more information, contact SGM Light US: 407-440-3601,, 38 | Spring 2018