Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 37

Penn Elcom Cross 3 Cable Protection Product Penn Elcom has released the Cross 3 cable protection product. It is designed to be tough, durable, fire- retardant, and aesthetically pleasing, making it useful for any indoor or outdoor event application. The first product in a new series, the Cross 3 is a three-channel “crossover” product manufactured from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which was chosen for its strength, high resistance to abrasion, flexibility, and recyclability. Its weight capacity ensures that all types of vehicles, including a standard 44-ton artic, can safely drive over the Cross 3. All elements of the Cross 3’s top and base are fire retardant and compliant to DIN EN 13501-1. The stan- dard length is 43.3 in. and the sections are 11.4 in. wide with a low-profile height of 2.2 in. Multiple sections of Cross 3 can be neatly conjoined using an interlocking pin system. The cover hinges open from the base for quick and easy access for laying cables over walkways, roads, pathways, arena floors, and other areas. It can accommodate multicores, mains, all types of data, TRS, fibre, copper, and more. For more information, contact Penn Elcom: 519-737-9494, FAX 519-737-9499,, Bourns Model PSL Low-Profile Motorized Slide Potentiometer Bourns has released the new Model PSL low-profile motorized slide potentiometer line, which is specifically designed to meet small space constraints, offer a longer life, and enable repeated automated console adjustment requirements. Offered in 100 mm and 60 mm versions, the Model PSL potentiometer measures 25 mm high, which enables audio, broadcast, and lighting console engineers to reduce the surface height for a slimmer console design. It’s designed with a power-saving 5 VDC Mabuchi motor so it can be used with more energy-efficient circuits. It also utilizes a du- rable contacting carbon resistive ink element that delivers extended wear characteristics of up to 500,000 cycles. Available in a variety of resistance values and standard taper options, the Bourns Model PSL potentiometer features a touch sense lever, a servo track option for console automation, and an easy-to-use snap-in connector. For more information, contact Bourns Inc.: 951-781-5500, ext. 2778,, Spring 2018 | 37