Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 36

36 PL&P Christie Velvet CorePlus LED Wall Christie has released the Velvet CorePlus LED video wall. Ranging in pixel pitches from 1.2 to 4 mm, the single architecture scales more easily to popular resolutions including 4K, is fully cus- tomizable with remote and onboard options, and can be both installed and serviced from either the front or back. It is ideal for public spaces, casinos, theme parks, houses of worship, broadcast, control rooms, and conference appli rooms, among other appli- cations. The Velvet CorePlus’s direct mount system allows for a narrow installed depth of less than 10 cm, making it ADA-compliant. It’s designed with a focus on flexibility and affordability while delivering features normally found in more expensive LED walls. The on-board or remote power options for CorePlus increases installation possibilities while providing efficient heat management and redundancies for 24/7 op- eration. As well, with the new E600 Controller, end users can scale to 4K 60 Hz. For more information, contact Christie Digital Systems Canada: 519-744-8005, FAX 519-749-3321, PR Lighting XLED 6019 Wash Luminaire PR Lighting has released the XLED 6019 wash luminaire. Containing 19 high power Osram 60-W RGBW (four- in-one) LEDs with linear colour temperature change from 2,700-10,000K, it is capable of producing mid-air parallel beams to create a uniform wash and variable built-in dynamic effects. This fully-featured mov- ing head offers unlimited RGBW colour mixing, with macros and 0-100 per cent dimming, linearly adjustable. The beam angle (1/2 peak) is θ1/2 and linear zoom is from 3.3-60 degrees. For more informa- tion, contact L.C. Group: 450-755-6091, FAX 450-753-5298,, 36 | Spring 2018 Calibre HQUltra4030 Scaler-Switcher Calibre UK has launched the HQUltra4030 seamless scaler-switch- er, which brings enhanced functionality and performance to the HQUltra4000 series. The scaler-switcher is able to support up to 40 sources grouped into 23 discrete input channels, with four program out- puts plus an independent confidence monitor output. It delivers 4K/UltraHD scaling via Calibre’s low-latency HQUltra technology, with all program outputs capable of simultaneously supporting up to 4K50/60 4:4:4 RGB formats. Calibre’s HQUltraFast technology delivers typical input channel switching of 0.25 seconds in matrix switching with dissolve and fade transitions. The HQUltra4030 de- livers up to 8K total program output pixel area (over 44 megapixel total output area) with 90 GB/s output processing bandwidth. The HQUltra4030 can drive any type of video display device, including projectors, LCDs, and LEDs, in any fixed installation or rental/staging environment. For more information, contact Calibre: 916-282-1067,, Elation Artiste Picasso Moving Head Elation Professional has introduced the Artiste Picasso theatrical-grade luminaire. The Artiste Aͼɕ́\, ]є1)ݥѠمѥٕ́ɥٕȀȰѽхյ̰(ܴѼ̵ɕ齽ձ 5dȁ᥹ȁ Q<)ȁɕѥ͕ٕɽ̰͕ٕɽхѥ́)͕ٕхѥххѕɍ̰ȴ)ɽхѥɅ͡ѕȁѕ)=ѡȁɕ́Ցձɕɕѥ)ѥݡеЁȁɽхѥɥ͵̰ݼɽЁѕ̰)ձѥȰɅɥʹɽЁɽ̸ͼՐ)ɔ聄ѽɥ镐ɥ̰̰Ѽ͕х)ٔ쁡ɽ͡ѕȁ)ɽ쁡ɹѥ5`I4Iє)٥5Фе9P 8ɽѼ)ɽѼ)쁅ѥé1dѕɹݥɕ)5`Ʌ͍ٕȸ%Ё́ٔa1HI(ԁѡȴ)ѡ) =8ݕ =8QIUāЁѥ̰)ձȀɕɕٕͥԁ)ݥѠͥ൉ѽѽՍɽѕ)ȁݕȰх1)ɕɕ͠Ʌєɥѹ́ȁ)ɕɅѥ)ȁɔɵѥхЁM4(д`дİ)͙ܹ͙