Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 35

Wayne Korhonen By Andrew King W ayne Korhonen is the principal and owner of Field Service .CA, the full-service production technologies support firm he founded back in 2001. He’s also the principal and owner of its two sister companies, Field Concepts .CA and Field Projects .CA, which leverage Field Service .CA’s staff, resources, and expertise in the areas of integrated systems design and supply, respectively. Most recently, he became principal and owner of CETEC Group Inc., the national manufacturer’s rep firm with a portfolio that includes esteemed brands like ETC, Roland Professional A/V, Ad- amson, and others. “It’s quite the expanding crop of job titles,” Korhonen says with a chuckle after going through the list. A production technologies veteran with experience in a wide array of roles, Korhonen began his career with William F. White International at just 19 years old. He wasted little time working his way up the ranks of the rentals, maintenance, and electronics departments of Canada’s oldest and largest provider of production equipment for the film and television industry. In 1999, he moved over to William F. White (Sales) as a field service technician. In addition to his duties as an outside tech, he was the company’s go-to CAD systems designer. When WFW acquired CineQuip in 2001, he then became field service project coordinator for CineQuip White Inc. Having earned certifications from several major lighting equipment manufacturers, he continued to expand his skills in the areas of lighting control and dimming systems, motorized and static rigging and drapery, performance audio and video systems, and other audio, video, and lighting technologies and applications. In 2001, while still working with CineQuip White, he launched Field Service .CA, specializing in full-service support for the entertainment, architectural, and production industries in Canada – or, as Korhonen puts it, “like the Maytag Man for the production tech industry.” Over the next decade-and-a-half, Field Service .CA saw its reputation grow and its two sister companies sprout out of it as Korhonen and his colleagues recognized some gaps in the market. “I really, really enjoy these systems,” he says abo WBvN( 2WB76FR&W@2v&F&VvFRV'2( Ğ( VvVW"@V'BB6WFW"wWBFR6&RR`ג&vvW7B7622FRƖvFrGW7G'6&V7G2ƖR&ƖVB"FRWG&F&F6fVF6VG&RB6RbFPFW"&vRƖvFr&V7G2v^( fRFRPRfW'&VB( ХGvFW'2FB7FBWBf"6ƖvFǐFffW&VB&V6&R&6VBvVsFP6FW6WVf"V&vG2B6V &VvVB66FW7FR&VrfW'FffW&V@f6ƗFW2vFFffW&VBFV66Ɩ6F2&V62FWvW&R"&V7G2F@&VǒVVBFW6fVB6W'f6R4( 2'&@B&WWFFFWrFVRF2V"RB2FV&P6&&FrvF6&7FRƗFW2&WfpGFv( 2F'G26VG&Rg&W6PBV&Ɩ276RƖvFrFfW&VV@W&f&6R6vRf"FRFVG&R( v( fW'76FR&WBF6R&vPFVw&FVB77FV2g&FV666FR( Ф&VVFW6W2( 2( ƧW7BFR66RB`FRfrV6W26֖rFvWFW"( ФFW7FRFRw&vr7V66W72`fVB6W'f6R4BG26VVF'6W2RbFRvr6VvW0&Vf6W22WFrFR'&Bg&Ц67BF67B( '&vrWrVR@vWGFrFRv&BWB7&72FR6VG'0&VVvW&R( fR7VB7BbגFRFP7BfWrV'2( R62( FN( 2FRR6&VgV&WBFRv&ƖfR&6Rr7W&PFW&^( 2v2FRf"f֖ǒ( ФR2vfRVƖRBFV"זV"@FVvFW"BrזV"B6V&Vp7FfRFvWFW"FRw&VBWFF'2FWfR&W'GFRW62v6FW( &R7W'&VFǒ'VFrPB6V7FfVǒVvFW"7'G2ƖPvV&&FrBvFW'6rFRvFW"N( 26v&Ɩrbv6FRGfFvPbFR&V( 2&VWFgVG66W2vFW6RVFW'vB6WfW&'W6W76W2Fw&r&V2&WGGgV66VGVR'WBFW&^( 2v2FRFFPWr&V7G2FBVF( &VpVG&W&VWW"Bf&ǒVW&vWF2fVr6WFr( &VǒW6FVB&WB2FPF6WBf"FR7VW"( R62Wpr^( 2rF&7V7B&GV7F6FRW62vFf7W2vFW"7'G2( ג6276FR&W@&GV7FBv&&&ǒ&RvrFvFBFf"26&VW"6v^( &RrFFrƖ֗FVB&GV7F6RvFW 7'G2BWfV66FW&rWGFrFvWFW ֖6W&W2( RW2( Ɩf^( 2&WB'GVG6WFW2@&Vr&W&VBFV6RbFV6v^( fRvB6R'FW'62FW&RFB&PGW&rF'GVFW2FFWfV6Pg&W66FVBg&6FW'7V7FfR6bFF( BfRVVvגF^( n( Ф'WB22w&vrV&W"b"FFW0&fW2&V6VV֖vǒF&fW2vV^( 0'W76N( 2^( 2wVW72v6&V7G2 fVGW&W2RfRBBF2FPWBV"G&Wrr2FRVFF"֖6Vb`&fW76ƖvFrb&GV7F7&r#3P