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32 PL&P were 575-watt pars.” Hynes actually took on much of the design work and initial troubleshooting himself, including the majority of the fixture selection, studying product documents from ETC and considering how the various solutions would work in his venue. “The variety of fixtures really worked for us,” he says. “We could find pretty much every fixture we needed to fit the existing architectural footprints of what was already there.” “We tried as much as we could to work with Terry and help him along the way with design,” Lukings offers. “When we needed to get out of the way and let Terry communicate directly with ETC, we did that, though when they needed support or someone to bounce ideas off of, we were there GDS ArcSystem fixture installed as well.” Horizon Solutions has no shortage of experi- tency throughout the product lineup. “They can all be inter-matched ence with ArcSystem products. In addition to a host of past projects easily because they have similar, predictable qualities like colour and with the brand, Lukings reveals that the company’s offices are actu- dimming uniformity.” ally outfitted with ArcSystem fixtures and Echo controls. “We chose The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony had some input in the to install ArcSystem four-cell rounds because they fit our own needs, process, being a major stakeholder that would likely be atop that but the added benefit of having an in-house installation has allowed stage more than anyone else. Ultimately, the Symphony’s inten- us to experiment with the fixtures and show them off to clients.” sity and colour temperature requirements played a large part in One of the features mentioned by both Hynes and Lukings as a fixture selection. For instance, that’s why the 3,000 K colour tem- major draw was the ArcMesh wireless control option. “That’s a huge perature was chosen, as it offers the optimal results for reading advantage in applications where it’s not practical to run control lines sheet music onstage. “That was essential,” Lukings confirms. “Being between fixtures,” Lukings shares – which includes those where new able to use a fixture with as much output as the GDS eight-cell fixtures are to occupy the space of previous ones without a desire models with the even coverage and suitable colour temperature to rewire. was ideal, as there are very few fixtures on the market that could “That saved us a lot of time and money on installation,” notes hit those requirements.” Hynes, who actually headed up the physical installation of the equip- Magician David Blaine performed in the Raffi Armenian Theatre ment with staffers from the venue, including Assistant Electrician to close out the 2016/17 season on July 4, 2017. Immediately follow- Mike MacLean, a local IATSE union crew, and electrical contractor ing the show, work on the retrofit was underway. “I figured it’d take Kinetic Electric Ltd. from nearby Waterloo, ON. us until the end of July,” Hynes shares, “and we had Horizon and ETC Another advantage with GDS, according to Lukings, is the consis- booked for the first week of August for commissioning.” The majority ETC Paradigm touch screen control in lighting booth 32 |Spring 2018 of the installation was complete by the third week of July. “It just went so smoothly,” Hynes tacks on. “I couldn’t have been happier.” Again, Lukings offers a lot of credit to Hynes and his team for the seamless installation process. Something that Lukings has actually been sharing with more recent clients about his work at Centre In The Square was Hynes’ forethought when it came to choosing products. “He and his team were good at looking at the products available – and there are many – and decid- ing which would best fit their different needs, not just looking at it as, for ᅵaQЁЁЁ́ᅍѱѡ)ͥ锰ͼݔ1ݥѠᅍѱѡЁɥɥͥ锻gt)!́ᅵɕ́Ѽѡɥɥ́)ѡչȵ䁙ᕐЁ̰ݡݕɔɅѥ)ѽȁѡѥ٥ѥ̸%ѡ