Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 31

“It all started back in February 2014. The exact date was – it’s right in front of me here – February 18 th ,” begins Terry Hynes, The Centre’s former head of lighting, who has since retired. “I got the word from our director of operations that we had the opportunity to apply for a federal grant to upgrade our house lights and stage lighting to LEDs and he needed budget numbers by the 27 th – nine days later.” Hynes had been with The Centre In The Square since 1985 and was appointed to his role as head of lighting in 2000. He’s been following the “LED drive” since the technology first started seeping into theatrical lighting fixtures and kept up-to-date with solutions that could eventually be employed in his venue. “There were just so many benefits [to LED],” he says about what piqued his interest, and he wasn’t shy about promoting those many benefits to his superiors at The Centre. The invitation to submit some figures for a poten- tial retrofit came amidst a rather busy week of visiting productions – Blue Rodeo, Measha Brueggergosman, and a Pink Floyd tribute to be specific (and showcase the variety of performances that hit The Centre’s main stage). Undeterred, he revisited some of the research he’d done in the preceding years and put together a proposal. The Centre In The Square formally applied for the federal grant and heard little over the following two years. Then, in August 2016, they received word they’d been awarded the grant, which was then matched by the City of Kitchener. That allotted a total of $1.8 million for upgrades and retrofits throughout the venue, with a healthy portion of that devoted to the house lighting systems in the main Raffi Armenian Theatre and the lobby for a grand total of over 400 fixtures. In September 2016, Hynes was formally named the project manager for the house lighting retrofit. “I got very busy with design, research, costing, planning, and so on, and then we hit the ground running in July of [2017],” he says. In that time, the venue put out a request for propos- als built around some of the LED series he’d come across in his prior research. The winning bid came from a team at London, ON’s Horizon Solutions, led by Carl Lukings. A few months earlier, Hynes hosted a product demo in the main room at The Centre to informally audition dif- ferent brands and products and invited Horizon to take part. Of those, the ArcSystem from GDS by ETC was the clear winner – a line that Hynes had been researching even prior to ETC’s acquisition of GDS in 2014. “We’re not good at simply ‘throwing out a number’ that hopefully beats somebody else by a few per cent,” says Horizon’s Carl Lukings, speaking generally. “We like to work with a client long-term, and so we had approached this project with Terry as the local ETC reps who could support him along FRvbR66RFvFB&WFR( ХVFFVǒRFB( fW'V&ǒFR&6W72Bv2'fW2FBFPtE2&GV7BvVB&RFRvW"W7B&6VBFRfW"Ч6FƗGBFffW&VBffW&w2FRƖWW( 2BƖvG2vW"F&rfGW&W26W"FVW&GW&^( n( Vw0&V62g&FRFV֖6V'&2b4UDT2w&W( 2UD>( 2Vf7GW&W.( 0&W&W6VFFfRf&f"V7FW&6F( 2v26FRf FRFVBv2VFFVǒFRFV( 2Ɩ6vFFPVf7GW&W"F&VvWBFR7FF( ĖFRr&6W72FRV"VFrWFFP7FFW&Rv2BbFW&7FvF4UDT2w&W( Ч6&W2W2( FW&fFVB6WFW"&VFW&w2`vBƖvBWfV2vVBƖRf&W2'G2bFPFVG&R&6VBFffW&VBfGW&R66W2v6v0fW'VgV( FRf&WGbfGW&W2( 2R6VGv6VfW"6VfW"6V&VBVvB6V( 2vfRW2VVvfW&ƗGF7VBbFRƖ6F2FRVFF&V( W260&WBvBVFFVǒG&WrFFR&577FVfЧGW&W2Rv26&W76VB'FR6W&W>( VVWGWB6W"FVW&GW&RB6W"&VFW&r6&VBF&FFR&WfW2W6R77FVBFRFW"F0RVFFVBFR&WfW2W6RƖvFr6VVBv07FVBBW2Ɨ7G2fWrf7F'2F@f&VBFRFV66F&WG&fB( vRvW&Rfr&@FRfFr'G2f"F6RBFW'2'WB&VǒFPvGFvRG&rf"FRW6RƖvG2v2RbFR&vvW7@G&w2f"FRVF&R'VFr( 27Bsr( 2BFWvW&RbFRFR( Ф2VFVBFRf&R6fwW&F2FP&577FVƖRvW&R'F7V&ǒGG&7FfRFF2ƒЦ6F2FRWrfGW&W2vVB7Fǒ&RvrFW7Fr76W2B&V6W76W2&WfW6ǒRFf&WGbFffW&VB&GV7G2( v^( &RVFW'6RfVVR6vVvR6vPfW"F66W'B6WBWf"WRvRfPfW"V2FBVffV7FfVǒ6VfbFRfǒ76R( W0ffW'22WR( V6bF6R2ƖvG2Bv6vW&RvGB'2FR&VfW"FR&6W2ЧG&v6vR6FR62CBfGW&W2BF@7&r#3