Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 27

Eric Bartnes Eric Bartnes is “still happily employed” by 54-40, one of Canada’s finest rock bands, and is a multi- year designer for Niagara Falls, ON’s annual Winter Festival of Lights, with over 175 fixtures lighting the icy mist at the top of Horseshoe Falls. He also teaches an increasingly popular advanced training course on MA Lighting’s grandMA and grandMA2 with media servers. Brent Clark Brent Clark had a busy 2017, lighting the late Gord Downie’s Secret Path shows and also designing for and touring with longtime clients like Barenaked Ladies and Stereophonics, the latter of which cur- rently has him out on a U.K. tour. He also designed a recent homecoming show for on-the-rise rock outfit Glorious Sons in Kingston, ON. Stephan Gotschel For over a decade, Stephan Gotschel has been touring with RAIN – A Tribute to The Beatles, for which he’s currently the lighting, video, and production designer and production manager. He began his career nearly 25 years ago with Cana- dian a cappella icons The Nylons and has toured with Daughtry, Michelle Wright, The Tea Party, and many others. He was also master electrician for several seasons of Canadian Idol. Matthieu Larivée Matthieu Larivée’s firm Luz Studio currently does over 50 projects per year, including Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill, the Polaris Music Prize Gala, Gemeaux Prize in Quebec, and others in addition to high-profile corporate gigs. In the music world, Luz had a hand in the latest BORNS tour and is currently collaborating on Jack White’s upcoming tour supporting Boarding House Reach. Steven Smith A freelance lighting designer, programmer, and technician, Steven Smith has toured alongside the likes of Barenaked Ladies, Marianas Trench, Metric, and Great Big Sea over the years. He’s currently keeping busy with a full schedule of corporate gigs in addition to working on the NHL’s Stadium Series of outdoor games and their related con- certs and events. PL&P: What’s the latest product or piece of technology to hit the market that you’ve incorporated into your work with good results, or that you see as a potential game changer for concert and entertainment lighting? Bartnes: I don’t see any new gear as a “game changer”; the trend is brighter and cheaper and that’s always welcome. In my field, I don’t always get to spec my rig, so in other words, I’m gear agnostic. I don’t c &RvBFR&r22r2Bv&26&FRFW7BV6RbvV"vVBfRF&RFRWrw&VVआVF6W'fW"FFN( <*vR6vW"f"RЦ6&VǒFFW6RƗGFRTBƖvG2FB&R6֖rFP&WBFW&RfW'6BfRFR6R7W'&VFǒfP&WBcB&&U7W2FW"BFRVBBfRFV6FRv6W'2&R&VrFRr2&r6vR@W6VBF&R6fW'6fWFVBFFW"vFFV'WBrFW&R'&VWRF6WBWB7BbFV6&R'VfDՂvG66VâfV( B&Vǒ6'&FVB&WfWF'&GV7Bגv&FVǒ6FRg&fr7FǒWfW'ЧFrfW"FTG2FRfGW&W2&RƖvFW"BW6RW72vW"7Bbגv&FW2RFFVG&W2vW&Rvrf`bFVG&R&GFV2FW6R66W2vVvB2"f7F"@vFƖvFW"fGW&W2BW726&ƖrfB6rגVF&P&rWfW'vW&Rv*FR7BF2v277VRBFW2@vVBfRF66RFvFR&rF6fRvVvB*F266W2FvFFRTBv26''*FW&R&V6֖pƖvFW"vR&W6WF2&RvWGFrfW"F2&W7VG27&VFrV6&vW"r6w2BvfrFRVFV6W0w&VFW"WW&V6W2&l:SFFB66W2&RFR&vvW7BvR6vW"w&D2fRFVfW"FR&WBvFFV"&v6W&W2FV"6W&W2'&Vr&RF&w&VFRG&6W2@&rVFGbƖvG2rw&D22WB&V6W6RFPVFVfGW&W2&RF&BF&w&FFBFPw&D2vFVfRrVf7GW&W'2v&GV6RFV WBfGW&W26f"RF22RbFR7B'FBV6W0bFRWRg&&6FW&WfW'vW&RFRv&B6֗Ff"R$D&VFRFWf6RvVVE2FRFFBFRGW7G'2&VVvFrf"N( 2Bg&W6fbFRƖPWr'WBB27Ff&ǒ&&RF6R7&72BVf7GW&W'0&RFrFV"&W7BF6'&FRBFFV"&GV7G26PFR'VƲbfGW&W2f&R7W'BBB2vRfRfW F6F&RF7ƗGFW'266VRB6frw&VBFV`FRBVW&w&FGW&r6WBWBf"G&V&W6Fr&Vr&RFV6ǒ6VV7BfGW&W2ג&rB6vRFPFR"FG&W722rFRfVVF&677FV2w&VB@w2RFV6ǒ6VRvW&R6W'F&&V2&RBBЦW7BV6ǒFRǒ&&Vf"R&vBr2FBN( 2ƗBЧFR&62FV2F( BWBR66W72WfW'FF&Vv$DFB2f&RFRF7BB6&RƗGFR6pBFW2FR66RVB'WB&VƖWfR2FRVf7GW&W'07F'Bv&rF2VgVǒFƶrFV6FW"&BFVvRv6VRw&VB&fVVG22FRFV6ww&w27&r##p