Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2018 - Page 20

While he’s a fan of “a good, old par can rig,” it does limit the provision of more nuanced dynamics that a moving light system provides. “So, for me, the show can come out a little more flat feeling if it’s a par can rig, but luckily most clubs have moving light rigs. In the past three or four years, I’ve seen a big change as far as how much I run into par can rigs to what I used to, which is nice on the design end.” The band’s music has undergone a continuous evolution over the course of their nearly 17-year career, and given that wide array of material they have to draw from – which ranges from acoustic to heavy rock and incorporates diverse influences, including some country tinge – the lighting de- sign comes together on a song-by-song basis. “So my approach to the design is to place fixtures in places where I can use them for lots of different things, and then develop all kinds of ɕЁ́́)ѡͽ́ѡ͕гt)ɕ͡ɕ̸)]Ё́Ѽͥݡɕ́Ѽ͔ȁ)ѽȰѡ1́ͅ䁱́ѡɽ՝ٕɽ٥)ˊéٕѽ䁙ȁѕѡЁ̰́́胊q-)܁ѼѡݽɱЁЁՑЁɕȻtQȁQ)ѡȁɽ٥ȁѕȁ)ɕ䁍ݥѠ́ѥ)ͥȁѡ́ѽȸqM$ЁɥѼэ͔́́$)ѼݡЁ$ɔͼ$eЁٔѼɕɽɅѡݡ)ܳ͡t̸)͍݅́䰁ѡӊéɵQ)QӊéչȁAɕͥаAѕȁ!ɥͽ+q]eٔչ́ݥѠQݡѡeٔ)ѡɽ՝mѡЁtɄA)ѥЁѡ́́ѡЁѥЁ݅́хЁոݔ)ݕɔѼȁѡѡЁ݅́ɅѥٔѠ)ɽѥٔt̰ͅ)ѡаq=ѡѡ́QȁQ́ݸȁ́ѥ(չ́͡ЁٔչЁݽɬt)!ɥͽ́ݸٕ԰QéɽՌ)ѥѽȁȁ= ՑȰȁ啅̰)ͼɽ٥ѡՑȁѡɕЁո%)ٕ݅䰁䁽ѽȁ́ɕͥ䁥д() =5A P) =5A159QId)Q!=IgeL1%!Q%9Y%