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LFI Announces New & Expanded Forums for 2018 The all-new Smart Cities Forum and an evolved Light & Health Forum will advance the educational offerings at the 2018 Lightfair International in Chicago, IL from May 6-10, 2018. The pre-confer- ence Lightfair Institute runs May 6-7 and the trade show and conference run from May 8-10. Both Forums take place on Wednesday, May 9 th , and are comprised of six sessions each. They are a part of the full Lightfair Conference program that offers 72 courses for 2018, ranging from 60 minutes to two days in length. The Smart Cities Forum ex- plores how smart cities are lead- ing lighting into the Internet of Things (IoT) where lighting enables digital technologies critical to the expansion of city services. It informs on relevant protocols, artificial intelligence, data analysis, case studies, and more. Janet Echelman at LFI 2017 The Light & Health Forum will return for its third year with all-new courses. This forum continues to explore the non-visu- al effects of light not only on humans, but also plants and wildlife. Current knowledge of the impact of light on biological health and overall well-being will be addressed with more detailed exploration into some of the new metrics and design guidelines that are shaping circadian light- ing applications. For more information, go to Denis Lefrançois Denis Lefrançois Now CEO of Scapin Staging & Show Distribution Scapin Staging and Show Distribution have announced changes to their leadership structure. After leading both companies, Marc Desrochers has stepped down from the firm to pursue new interests and Denis Lefrançois, the former president of Solotech, is now the CEO of Scapin Staging and Show Distribution. In his new role, Lefrançois will lead the two companies into a new era of continuing growth with significant investments in new technologies and markets. “This change is designed to accelerate the execution of our strategy,” says Lefrançois. “It will strengthen our ability to develop even more cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers while delivering strong financial performance and driving growth in both rental and sales services. We are committed to improving technology and training by making import- ant private investments and through our collaboration with the FICC… Combining our management and financial resources with the financial support provided by FICC ensures the future growth of both Scapin Staging and Show Distribution.” For more information, contact Show Distri- bution: 877-632-6622, info@showdistribution. com, PLASA has announced changes to its elected board, including the election of Adam Blaxill as the new chair. Blaxill joined the PLASA board as the professional services representative in 2012 and was elected as vice-chair in 2014. Blaxill takes over from Ed Pagett who has served as chair for an extended seven years. 12 | Spring 2018