Professional Lighting & Production - Fall 2017 - Page 46

Nearly 50 Chroma-Q Color Force II 48s were a central feature of the Pyramid Stage lighting rig at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. They were used during sets by high-profile artists such as Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, and many more. Andy “Fraggle” Porter, the Pyramid Stage’s head of lighting from rental supplier Neg Earth Lights, flew the Color Force II 48 1.2 m RGBA colour-changing LED battens above artists on the stage. Six of the Chroma-Q Space Force soft lights provided TV key lighting during the performances. “I’ve used the Chroma-Q Color Force IIs on a number of TV productions and I absolutely love them. They’re bright, well lensed, and put out some great colour. Here, even in full daylight, they make a huge dent. Glad to see them in the rig,” says Kirk J. Miller, lighting director for Katy Perry. 46 PL&P 2 The mandate for a clean design drove all pro- duction decisions for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic 2017 tour. VER provided a turnkey solu- tion by supplying audio, video, and lighting, and tying it together with automated rigging on the North American run. Show designer Raj Kapoor and co-pro- duction designer/lighting designer Mark Butts of Preset Productions discussed their design dilemma with VER’s rigging project managers, David Martin and Richard Cano. The solution was an automated rigging sys- tem of eight Kinesys Elevation +1 systems to safely and precisely move trusses with 70,000 lbs. of lighting, audio, and LED video panels. Using Vector software, the system allows the movement of any rigged pieces to be triggered by timecode cues. 1 FOO FIGHTERS HEADLINING GLASTONBURY’S PYRAMID STAGE 3 Arka Lounge operated for 16 years as one of the more successful night- spots in the Washington Heights area of upper Manhattan. Rebranded last December as Arka Room, owners of this intimate, 200-capacity club are hoping for the same run of success. Arka’s owners seek to engage old and new patrons alike with an updated design that features an Elation Professional lighting system. The room’s small size required a compact moving light effect and Tirso Pelaez, owner of Tirso Lighting, found it in the Elation E Spot III LED moving head, 12 of which are in the venue, primarily over the dance floor. “Its brightness is a good match for the size of the room,” says Pelaez, whose company was responsible for the design makeover. “I consider it a hybrid because not only can we get gobos and a nice sharp spot, but it also has an iris and I can also frost it. It lets me go from a nice broad wide wash to a very narrow pinpoint. I think it is extremely versatile for the type of environment it is in.” Also used were 14 Sniper 2Rs, three ACL 360is, and six SixPar 200s.