Professional Lighting & Production - Fall 2017 - Page 42

Blizzard Lighting Cyc Out LED RGBW Strobe/Cyc Light Blizzard Lighting has released the Cyc Out RGBW fixture that also doubles as a cyc light and strobe. The Cyc Out comes fitted with 256 (64 each R/G/B/W) 3-W LEDs with a 60-degree beam angle. Like classic strobe fixtures, the light is projected forward and enhanced by a parabolic reflector (rather than directly forward, like most LED strobes). The fixture’s beam angle can be shaped using the equipped two leaf barn doors, plus the strobe rate, intensity, and duration of the pulse are all fully controllable in both standalone and DMX modes. The multi-mode strobe functions include dual zone control and individual strobe rates for each colour, plus separate duration and rate controls for blinder effects, all without the need for gel. For more information, contact AVL Media Group: 514-400-0110, FAX 514-457-0575,, Litepanels Astra 6X Daylight Panel Litepanels has released the Astra 6X Day- light panel, which is six times brighter than the original Astra 1x1 panel and 50 per cent brighter than the first generation Astra. The Astra series is designed with high-CRI surface-mount LEDs and paired with custom optics that provide the series with a colour quality that’s suitable for lighting broadcast talent. An optional communications module allows the brightness, colour temperature, and cooling mode to be controlled via DMX or Bluetooth. As well, it features easily-identifiable and ergonomic manual controls for dimming, colour, and power status and an aluminium I-beam core construction to provide durability and improved thermal management. There is integrated smooth dimming from 100 per cent to zero with no colour shift. For more information, contact Litepanels: 203-929-1100, salessupport_usa@vitecgroup. com, 42 | Fall 2017