Professional Lighting & Production - Fall 2017 - Page 31

Paule Constable: “Essentially, commercial factors drive 90 per cent of innovation. [Companies] choosing to concentrate all their developmental muscle around LED is a commercial decision, not a creative or aesthetic one. I am sad that the true cost of our choices isn’t consid- ered of more value. I don’t believe that more is better; I don’t believe that brighter is better. Rare and joyous shifts like Andi Watson’s work with Radiohead are amaz- ing because they can alter perception and redefine how we use the kit. We need to do more of this. Put design and not fiscal value at the heart of our work.” Al Paquette: “It’s a good question because working at a production company, you are constantly being asked which new gear to buy and there is a lot of pressure trying to pick the right new thing as you are about to spend a huge amount of the company’s money and you don’t want to pick a dud. I remember seeing