Professional Lighting & Production - Fall 2017 - Page 28

28 PL&P LOOKING BACK… Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Fall 2009 PETER HENDRICKSON Tour Tech East (2015) Ltd. Dartmouth, NS Started Out: In 1975 when a friend, guitar player Bruce Nelson, landed a gig with a local rock bad called Titan. “He convinced the band to hire me to do lighting. In those days, we had to build the lighting because we didn’t have access to equipment like you do today. So my first lighting rig was basically made of sheet metal stove pipe and par bulbs with a homemade relay switch panel.” Favourite Gear: “I’m an old par guy that also loves a good, crisp-focus profile fixture. Like most LDs and designers these days, I am so impressed with where we are going with LED products. In my day, the only LED we had was the power indicator light on the console.” AL PAQUETTE Freelance LD Toronto, ON Started Out: Playing guitar in bands as a teen in Kings- ton, ON, before jumping onboard with friends starting a sound and lighting company. Credits include work as LD for Blue Rodeo, Roger Hodgson, and Headstones. “I always had a great interest in the light shows of the concerts I attended and thought I’d give it a go. I Each and every year since 1979, Halifax has played host to tens of thousands of visiting performers, military personnel, and members of the general public for the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. Inspired by traditional military tattoos, the event, held at the Halifax Metro Centre, welcomes enter- tainers from international militaries, police forces, fire departments, and the like to put on a specta- cle. The sheer grandeur of the show’s visuals makes for an interesting paradigm from a lighting standpoint. The show is lit so effectively and tastefully that you could literally engulf yourself in the performance and not even realize how the huge system suspended above your head was enhancing it. worked hard doing all types of shows from corporate events to raves, bar mitzvahs, you name it, but my main goal was lighting live music and one band led to anoth- er. I like to say that I just changed my instrument from guitar to lighting, and that’s how I have always tried to approach it – as another instrument in the band.” Favourite Gear: “One of the first moving lights I ever worked with was the HES Trackspot. I loved the colours and gobos and have fond memories of the shows I did with it. Also the old Leprecon dimmer boards were great. My favourite fixtures today are the Martin MAC Viper and Aura as well as the Robe Spiider. Control was another issue back then. I went from the Martin 3032 computer to the NSI MLC16 to the Avolites Pearl to the Wholehog. Each of these consoles was a marked improvement over the last but it wasn’t until the MA Lighting gr 5ѡЁ$ѡ՝аaQ́́)ѥɽ͡ձgt) !I%MQ=A!HA)ɕѽȁ ٕͥ́ЃL1ѥ(5ձѥ]щ9ѥ)QɽѼ=8)Mхѕ=́չٕͥՑЁݽɭٔ)ͥՈ+q=䰁ɥݡ݅́)ٕͅѡѽѡȁȁ)ܰ͡Ё݅́ͥͽѼѥ'e݅)ѕѥѼѡѥѡՈQ)ݡ݅́ѡȽɽѕȁѡՈ͕Ѽ)ɅєѡѥȁЁѡ̰ɕа)Չѱȁ͡ɕѥȁ̸͍)!䁅ѕѥѼѡѥ)݅ЁѼаͼݡ䁙ɥͅͽ)ȁѥ$ѕͅ'eлt)ٽɥє胊q$ѡ́ѡЁɔᕰ͕)хͼ܁ȁՑ́AᕰQՉ́ѽe)5`$ͼѥѡ0Mɥ́ɽ!