Professional Lighting & Production - Fall 2017 - Page 27

PUSHING Forward & Favourite Gear: “I love gear with punch. Even now I love the par can 64 because it is bright and efficient. As my budgets grew, I began using HMI fresnels and ARC gear. I still love the colour temperature of an HMI. My new favourite bright moving light is the Best Boy by PRG. I grew up on the Strand Palette, but now the ETC EOS family (Ion, Gio, Element) are my favourite consoles. They make the most sense to me and I really know how to design on them.” PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING & PRODUCTION CELEBRATES 20 YEARS LOOKING BACK… Air Canada Centre Spring 2011 PAULE CONSTABLE Paule Constable Lighting Design United Kingdom HUNTLY CHRISTIE CEO of Christie Lites Orlando, FL Started Out: Playing drums in the early ‘80s club circuit and set up lighting and sound gear and handled pro- duction details for local bands. Founded Christie Lites in 1985 in his father’s garage in Toronto at age 25. Favourite Gear: “Console? The Celco Gold 90-channel programmable lighting desk. Favourite fixture is the freshly spun chrome Thomas Par 64 par can. I don’t have any favourites these days – too old for the emotional attachment to gear that came with my youth.” In 2011, Toronto’s Air Canada Centre led the charge with other top-tier sporting facilities to put a strong focus on the fan experience surrounding the games themselves. Our feature focused on the venue’s adoption of a new light- ing console and eight then-new Martin MAC III Profiles loaded under the score clock to keep the house on its heels before, during, and after Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors games. Started Out: As a followspot operator on a show called Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame at the Hackney Empire. Constable’s extensive credits include multiple produc- tions for The National Theatre and major West End and Broadway productions. She is a multiple Olivier and Tony Award winner and has also received the Hospital Award for Contribution to Theatre, the New York Critics Circle Award, Drama Desk Award, and was the first recipient of the 2013 Opera Award for Lighting. Favourite Gear: “The par can; it is the best. Latest developments? The ETC Source Four Lustr 2 and GLP impression X4 Bar.” Fall 2017 | 27