Professional Lighting & Production - Fall 2017 - Page 26

26 PL&P LOOKING By Kevin Young S k c a B Back ince Professional Lighting & Production published its inaugu- ral issue in 1997, the Canadian stage, event, and architectural lighting industries have experi- enced significant shifts as part of an ongoing and ever- accelerating evolution. To celebrate our 20 th year of publishing, we’re exploring some of the major trends and developments that have impacted lighting designers, manufacturers, and the industry overall in the past two decades through the eyes of a diverse and experienced panel. Lighting and SFX have become increasingly complex over time, but the driving forces in their development remain focused on serving audiences and performers alike, enhancing rather than detracting from their intended experiences. There have been hiccups. Early on in Europe, then- innovative chandeliers holding candles were found to be impractical given they tended to drip wax and grease on both patrons and performers and interfered with sightlines. Farther down the line, as noted by Steve Knopper in a 2014 Washington Post piece entitled, “In the Beginning, There Was Alice Cooper,” one of the artist’s early FX technicians, Ron Volz, smoked out an entire club with his homemade smoke bombs. Contrasting with our current landscape, the regu- lations governing what could and couldn’t be used to excite a performance back then were limited, or, in some cases, simply non-existent. That has in no way, however, diminished the ability of LDs, technicians, and manufac- turers to continually up their games. LOOKING BACK… SHARED PERSPECTIVES PL&P’S 15 TH ANNIVERSARY Fall 2012 BONNIE BEECHER Five years ago, to commemorate our last significant milestone, we looked back at “15 Years of Illumination & Insight” with an impressive panel of lighting pros from various disciplines. It was fun to think back to some of the more popular lighting tools from 1997, including the first iteration of MA Lighting’s grandMA console, Martin’s MAC 500 and 600 moving heads, Vari-Lite’s VL7, and High End Systems’ Studio Beam and Technobeam, among many others. Oh, and we had our special 15 th anniversary logo put onto a cool tour jacket that appeared on the cover, which we later raffled off for a good cause. Freelance Theatrical LD Toronto, ON Started Out: Working in various capacities in theatre producti ۜ]PˈYYYYH[XX]H[ [KYX\\\YۙYHY[܈ݙ\LX]K\K[[HX[ۜ[Y[œX[ۜ܈H][]ܙ\][B[YX[\H\[K[\\X]KHKB[ۘ[\[K][ۘ[[]و[YKH]][ۘ[[] [Y\X[[]X]KH\Z[\”X[\KXYXܝ\[] 0HX[ZKBX\H\[K[X[H\ˈYX\\H][\BܘH]\Z[YH[X\Y[ 'H\Y]YH 8)[X]H]PˈH]ZXBY YP[[H[ H^H\؈\XY[XXX[]H\[HX]H[[Y^[[Hܚ[\H]\[\Y[[H[Y\YۋH[ݙYX۝\[˜[[\YX\\[\\[]]]ܙ [ۈY]HZ\\\ˈY\XY[›ۛH\Yۈ^HۈHY[\Yۚ[܈\K[K[X]K'