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full-blown programming suite and work on the show freely as I would from any of the high-end programming suites you find around the world. I got some funny looks at airport security checkpoints, but man was it worth it! Being a modern lighting designer, I think this mobility is key – expensive, but absolutely integral. PL&P: How did you enjoy the overall ex- perience, particularly collaborating with the band, management, and the rest of the tour staff? MH: I really enjoyed the amount of trust this band and management put into me. It gave me the confidence to really go for it. With that trust came my bringing this project to Martin Kelley at Christie Lites – something that means a great deal to me as I know and love the service they provide as a contractor and a customer. More so than anything, Jon Dunleavy was always there to take my calls and steer me in the right direction when answers weren’t so clear. I have dubbed him my knight in shining armour on this project and I really don’t know how I would have done it without him. The guy really has your back. I can see more clearly than ever why he has been with this act for over 10 years and why every band should have their own Jon Dunleavy. Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief of Professional Lighting & Production. Crew List Lighting Designer & Operator:  Michael “Herk” Herkimer Production & Tour Manager: Jon Dunleavy LX1/Dimmer Tech/Video Wall Tech: Arnold Pereira Sales Rep: Martin Kelley, Christie Lites Stage Manager: Mike Frey Content Director/Team: Stephen Steeleman, Brigantine Films Gear List Control • MA Lighting grandMA 2 Lite ( • MA Lighting MA2 onPC + Fader Ext. • 2 x Triangle Media Servers Floor Fixtures • 20 x Martin MAC Quantum Profiles • 32 x Martin MAC Quantum Washes • 2 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes • 16 x Four-Light Square Blinders • 3 x Chroma-Q Color Force 12 IIs • 18 x Imposa Pro Tour 6 mm LED Panels (for two16-ft. x 8-ft. LED Walls) Roof Package • 19 x Martin MAC Viper Performances • 18 x Martin MAC Quantum Washes • 18 x Clay Paky Sharpys • 18 x Martin Atomic 3000 Stobes w/ Atomic Colour Scrollers • 16 x Four-Light Square Blinders MH: I think the sheer speed of the design, planning, and programming of this tour taught me more than anything. Jon Dun- leavy and I weren’t even off the Billy Talent tour when we starting gearing up for this project, and we started the RISE promo tour and then left for the South American leg al- most immediately. This meant I had to find a new way to approach work from the road as we were gearing up for our full production runs during all of this. Designing, drafting, plotting, and programming had to be done on the go for the most part. I began carrying four laptops. Crazy, yes, but let me explain… A Razorblade Pro Laptop with a GT1080x was the crux of the operation, allowing me to pre-viz and render at a blazing speed. This project would have fallen apart on me without this unit. A very pricy laptop, but my god, it has been a game changer for me. Then a Bootcamped MacBook Pro for Resolume to run on before I had the Triangle servers onsite. An old Acer to run MA2 onPC on the go. I wrote all macros and cuelists on airplanes and in runner vans during the promo run. Finally, a MacBook Air for email, search- ing through content libraries, song playback, and other basics during the programming period. I had two Pelican 1600 [cases] for my computers and my MA2 onPC Command and Fader wings. Once I was situated in hotels on days off, I was able to set up a Fall 2017 | 25