Professional Lighting & Production - Fall 2017 - Page 17

Lighting for Canadian R&B singer/songwriter The Weeknd’s Starboy Legend of the Fall tour was designed by Sooner Routhier, who picked Robe Spikie moving lights together with BMFL Spots and WashBeams to be at the heart of the rig. Routhier has worked with The Weeknd since 2012. She and design business partner Robert Long of SRae Productions were contacted by his creative directors, Lamar C Taylor and Drop, last year and asked to assist with this tour, which involved lighting a flown sculpture created by produc- tion designer Es Devlin. U.K.-based creative design practice Okulus, which is led by the team of James Scott and Louis Oliver, was asked to create a production design for the first major world tour for rising Canadian singer/song- writer Shawn Mendes. Thirty-nine Robe Spikies are incorporated into the lighting scheme, crafted in close collaboration with the show’s creative director, Paul Caslin, and 24/7 Productions. The set was built from a multi-layered fixed riser system by TAIT. Fall 2017 | 17