Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 5

April 2017 Vol.XXVIII No.2 Contents Howard Rissin of Winnipeg’s Frank Digital, Pg. 30 DEPARTMENTS 9 INPUT What Is The M.E.T. Effect? 10 SIGNALS The latest news from Canada’s pro audio industry 18 PROFILE Blair Bondy, Adam Clark & Darius Szczepaniak 22 PRODUCT TESTS A pair of cool recording gadgets from Waves & RTW, plus Spectrasonics’ Keyscape Collector Keyboards virtual instrument. FEATURES Wrapped in Creative Reverie 26 COMMUNITY & COLLABORATION ARE KEY AT TORONTO’S DREAM HOUSE STUDIOS By Kevin Young When describing Dream House Studios, its co-owners speak of its vibe and the similarities between its informal beginnings in 2010 and transition into a commercial studio. 44 PRODUCTS The latest gear from every arm of the industry. 53 ADVERTISERS’ INDEX 56 SOUND ADVICE Mastering Your Boy Tony Braxton’s Adult Contempt 58 ITINERARY Your industry calendar 60 CLASSIFIEDS 62 PROJECT FILE Jerry Seinfeld in Western Canada, l’Université de Montréal & more. Frank Digital Drayton Entertainment 38 NEW TOOLS FOR ONE OF THE COUNTRY’S TOP THEATRE COMPANIES By Michael Raine With the addition of three new Allen & Heath Consoles and a massive complement of Sennheiser wireless equipment, Drayton Entertainment has bolstered its capabilities for the 2017 season. 30 THE LITTLE STUDIO THAT COULD By Ron Lamoureux Tucked away in a Winnipeg strip mall lies a little studio called Frank Digital. In addition to being a world-class post facility, it’s also one of the country’s busiest. Intelligibility Inspires ON THE ROAD WITH THE WE DAY MOVEMENT 34 By Andrew King WE Day intertwines its message of inclusion, teamwork, and hope with live performances to inspire its young attendees, and intelligibility is the key to it all. A huge inventory addition for Drayton Entertainment, Pg. 38 Cover Photo: Alex Bonenfant & Adrien Gough at Toronto’s Dream House Studios by Neal Burstyn,