Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 46

PRODUCTS Electro-Voice X12-125F Flying Subwoofer Electro-Voice has extended the X-Line Advance range with the introduction of the X12- 125F flying subwoofer. It features dual 15-in. high-output transducers in a compact enclosure that can be flown or ground-stacked. The X12-125F features the EV Integrated Rigging System for fast and secure deployment in arrays and is sonically matched to the other members of the series: the X1 and X2 full-range models and the X12-128 ground-stacking dual 18-in. subwoofer. The X12-125F can also be used in ground-stacked configurations, making it a versatile choice for rental companies and mobile applications, as well as fixed installations including live performance venues and houses of worship. Its compact, lightweight 18-ply Baltic birch enclosure is finished in EVcoat for durability. For more information, contact Electro-Voice: 905-826-6060, FAX 905-826-3681, Nugen AMB Processor Nugen Audio has introduced the AMB processor, a new solution that greatly expands on the concept of Nugen’s loudness management batch-processing technology for high-speed audio loudness measure- ment and correction. AMB enables post-production facilities to accelerate workflows and reduce delivery times for a range of different tasks, with separate modules available for upmixing and loudness management. AMB also offers new features, including threaded algori H\[˜[][\H\[XY]\HY\XH܈[][[[\\[[[[و[\[]Y]Y\˂SPٙ\[\ݙY[X[]K[[ \X[ۈX[]Y\YHX\H\[[[\^HYY[Z[܈H\[BZ\^X\]Z\[Y[˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X]\XX\][Έ MMKML V M MH LM[P]\XX\][˘K˛]\XX\][˘K\HS [\H S[X[Z]\”\H\^[Y]S QY][\[\\[KY[›YY][YY[HZXܛۙH[Z]\܈]H\[\][BS Qٙ\[˂HS [\H[S[X[Z]\ٙ\S Q[]X[]H]][KYۘ[X[]KYX[YXY[K[[Y[ܞ\[ۈXK[\H\]XH]X\XXH]][KZ[ۈ܈[\PB]\Y\ˈ[Y][ۋ^Hܚ[HR[\[\\\]Y[H[ݚY[\X[]H[[Y\܈[\ۛY[\BZXܛٛ^\[\[\H[XYH\Y܈[]Z[XK]H]S Q[\H[[X[Z]\\HݚY\^XH\[\[ۜ]\H\]XH]S Q[S QY][XZ]\ˈ[\Y]S QXZ]\[Y[]H[K\\[XY]H[[[و L ܈[ܙK܂\\[ۜ]\]Z\HX\H[Z\[ۋS QX]\\QTLM[ܞ\[ۋ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XѓN LM M L V LM M LLLK[ٛKK˜ٛKK ёTSӐSS