Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 12

SIGNALS Contact Distribution Names Western & Eastern Regional Sales Managers Contact Distribution has announced the reappointment of Harry Boyce as its west- ern regional manager for the four western provinces, as well as the appointment of Marc Bureau as eastern regional sales manager. Bureau’s territory encompasses Quebec and the Maritimes, including eastern Ontario and the Ottawa region. “It’s great to have Harry back onboard our team and rejoining our family that all know him so well,” comments Contact Direc- tor Bill Coons. MARC BUREAU “His depth of knowledge of all things audio is rare to find, as is his appreciation for every aspect of the professional audio industry relative to our customers’ business models and how to best service them. ” Bureau’s past 11 years have been with Solotech Montreal as its senior integration consultant, involved in major projects around the world. Coons adds about Bureau’s appoint- ment: “We’ve worked with Marc con- stantly [over the years with] many of our manufacturers’ products. HARRY BOYCE He’s already got great momentum as he knows what solutions our brands offer, the quality that they represent, and the various applica- tion groups that they are applicable to.” Boyce can be reached at harry@ or at 778-953- 3494. Bureau can be reached at marc@ or at 514-943- 7809. For more information, reach Contact Distribution: 416-287-1144, FAX 416-287- 1204,, w ܹхёɥѥ(ȁAI=MM%=90M=U9)9M܁ѼMݍ͔1ѕЁ5QI͕ɍ)Q9M܁ݥɕɹѼ1́Ýɽɥȴܸܰ%Ё́ѡݽɱéɝ)ɽ͡܁ٕɥѡɕѥаٕ䁽ѕЁɽ́)љɵ̸Qѡȁѡ́啅ˊé͡܁́Q4Pаѡѕ͕ѥ)ѕхаѕ䁙Օ䁥ѕɹЁѥ٥䁅ѕɅѕѕ̸)Q́啅Ȱѡ镐ᡥЁɕ́ՑѡAеAɽՍѥ ̰YՅ)՝ѕIA٥ѡɕ́Aɬݡɕ́Ʌѥ́ѕ)ٕ́ɽɕ̰ɽѽ̰ɽՍ́ЁЁمȁͅɽ)ɕ͕ɍɅѽɥ́ɽչѡݽɱ)ݥմՍѥ͕̰ɕ͕хѥ̰ɽɅ́́ݡ)ݥЁͽչ̰٥Ʌ̰M`̰хѥ̰ѕѕɄ)ѽ̰ɽͥ́хЁѡ͔ɽ٥ѡՅ䁽)ͽչѡѕݽɱMͥ́ݥՑqՑ5ѽɥȁQM ԁ=QP)AɽՍѥtqMՑYٕȁ%@!܁Ё ́Qѡȳtɔ)ȁɔɵѥȁѼɕѕȰѼܹܹ͡+% %ѕɹѥ́!Yɡ̰5  ́)܁ =