Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 10

SIGNALS Prolight + Sound 2017 Presents New Silent Stage PHOTO: The upcoming Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, happen- ing April 4-7, 2017, will feature a new silent stage area to demonstrate and teach how this type of stage set-up can help improve both the mix and the performance of musical acts. The idea behind the silent stage is to cut onstage noise levels to a minimum using, for example, amp sim- ulations, isolation boxes, drum cages, electronic musical instruments, and no monitoring loudspeakers. Initially, visitors only hear quiet music via the PA system but, via listening terminals in front of the stage, they can immerse themselves in the band’s transparent sound made possible by the silent stage concept. Additionally, visitors interested in headphones will be able to test the various in-ear and on-ear products from the exhibitors taking part in the special area. Together with the band, a presenter will explain the techniques used on the stage in detail and answer questions. The program will be held in English. For more information, go to (L-R) ROB HOFKAMP WITH VOID ACOUSTICS’ ALEX SKAN & DAVID BISSETT-POWELL Rob Hofkamp to Lead Void Acoustics in North America Rob Hofkamp has been appointed to the position of North American director of operations for British loudspe Z\X[BYX\\YX\X˂ٚ[\[^[Y8&\X[\\H[ܝ[Y\XK[ MKH\[H[ܜܘ]Y[[Y\XH[[YH\Z\HX[]H[][ܚˈٚ[\8&\\[ BY[\]\Y8&\[]\H\Hو\][ۜ[ܝ[Y\XH[Z[HX[Hو\[H[Yܘ]ܜ[X[\\Y]H\]ܞK'HX[H]YX\X\XYHHYH܂[\[\[]\H[\XH[H[HX[H^]Yš[XHH[H^[]Hܝ[Y\X[X\] 8'B^\ٚ[\ 8'Y\۸&]\ۙHH[YH[]]\[ۙH[H\[^H]H]]ܙHZ\ۈ][ܙX]HY][]ˈH[H[YYHH\و] 'B܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ\]˝YX\X˘KLёTSӐSSYX][ۈY[H[X\Y܈^TH MU P\\\[[YH[ܙH[ ^X]ܜ[ݙ\K \]ܜ[۝X[܈H\[X[^THYH[ۙ\[KX\]\[H[Z\\ۙܰH[۝X[B\[ LLL Mˈ^TH\\[HHۛHXZ܈[YX[][YX]Yٙ\[ۘ[[H]Y[Y[]Y[ݚ\X[ Y[[][[YYXHXHX\]˂܈\YX\YX][ۘ[[Z[\[[[[\\HY[Y܈HY\ۜو^\وHXYXܛ\Y[œX\ˈYHوHY[Y\[][ۈX[YHX[ ]ܛX[YܛZ[ZXܛۙHX\]Y\[]H[[X]K]\B[܈XXX[]ܚ[[\\[[ܝ][ۈ[ܛ[Hܙ\\]܈Y\][ۈ\[\H\و^X]ܜ\]Z[XH]˘] ܙ^