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SHEPPARTON MEN / LADY 134052 / 134053 C O O L D R Y Polo piqué with mixed-materials which have the comfortable feeling of cotton on the outside and Cooldry polyester on the inside. You get the pleasant feeling of cotton together with Cooldry´s ability to breathe and transport moisture away from the body. Discreet contrasting color on the inside placket, decorative neck rib, collar and slits at the hem. Fabric: Size: Wash: Weight: 55% Cotton, 45% Cooldry/polyester Men: S - 4XL, Lady: XS - XXL 60˚ 170 g/m 2 645 green 100 white 855 navy 990 black C O O L D R Y C O O L D R Y CORAL BAY MEN / LADY LANGLEY LADY 134022 / 134023 134016 Func tional polo piqué with +30 UV protection in moisture wicking CoolTouch yarn. Patterned collar and decorative ribbon at the bottom Women’s functional polo piqué. This shirt is made of ”Cooldry” – a material that breathes and disperses moisture. This women’s shirt has a deeper neck opening with five buttons. Fabric: Size: Wash: Weight: 94 100% Cooldry/polyester Men: S - 3XL, Lady: S - XXL 40˚ 180 g/m 2 990 black Fabric: Size: Wash: Weight: 735 blue 100% Cooldry/polyester Lady: S - XXL 40˚ 150 g/m 2 450 red