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MILSTREAM MEN / LADY 132012 / 132013 Rugger with jersey body and twill collar. Hidden placket at front, contrast colour inside placket and half moon. Rubber buttons. Rib cuffs and side vents. Has a special treatment to give a better printing surface. Fabric: Size: Wash: Weight: 100% Cotton Men: S - XXL (black S-3XL) Lady: S - XXL (ej navy) 40˚ 290 g/m 2 460 red 855 navy (only Men) 990 black AIRLIE UNISEX CARDWELL UNISEX 132010 132018 Broadly striped sweater. Woven cotton collar, button neck with three rubber buttons. Cuffed arms and side vents. Fabric: Size: Wash: Weight: 100% Cotton Unisex: S - XXL 40˚ 270 g/m 2 Sweater in rugby model with heavy cotton jersey and lightly brushed exterior provides a nice feeling. Collar and placket in twill with rubber buttons. Quilted pattern on the shoulder gives an exclusive look. Cuffs at sleeves and side slit with herringbone reinforcements Fabric: Size: Wash: Weight: 381 navy / white 100% Cotton Unisex: XS - 4XL 40˚ 320 g/m 2 855 navy 73