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When choosing Cottover, you contribute by: Reducing unnecessary waste of the Earth’s resources by choosing high-quality clothes that are designed to be used again and again. Fight poverty through fair payment to cotton farmers. Support organic cotton farmers who have chosen to utilise their land without chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers which risk leading to eutrophication. Support suppliers who follow ILO’s core conventions and who refrain from many production chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environmental. Create transparency in the supply chain through knowing that all participants are annually certified, both for their environmental work and for their working conditions. Create the conditions needed for employees in developing countries to improve their living conditions. COLOURS 425 100 105 pink approx. PMS 708 C white offwhite approx. PMS 7499 C 435 290 approx. PMS 123 C approx. PMS 214 C orange approx. PMS 1585 C New colours! sky blue 725 red 460 yellow 255 cerise approx. PMS 200 C approx. PMS 360 C purple 885 royal 767 green 645 approx. PMS 543 C approx. PMS 287 C approx. PMS 269 C charcoal 980 approx. PMS 432 C 990 black navy 855 approx. PMS 655 C Clothes and clothing consumption pose large environmental problems today. Part of the problem rests in manufacturing itself while the environmental load increases due to the portion of clothes that are thrown away. Through conscientious choices we can make a bigger difference than we think in order to change unsustainable habits.