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This provides security for both our customers and us. Fairtrade through Fairtrade Made with Fairtrade Cotton Fairtrade is an international mark which certifies the cotton in garments while fighting poverty among cotton farmers through fair trade. The cotton farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for their cotton, which covers the costs of sustainable production. All cotton comes from Fairtrade-certified producers. Complete traceability through GOTS GOTS is an international standard for clothing and textiles. GOTS products always use organic cotton and any polyester in its products come from recycled Fabrics. GOTS not only sets high demands on Fabrics and quality, but also environmental and social demands on all participants. GOTS ensures complete traceability throughout the entire supply chain. The Nordic Ecolabel sets strict requirements The well-known Nordic Ecolabel (or Nordic Swan) is a Nordic ecolabel run by government commission. The Nordic Ecolabel certifies products and takes consideration to their environmental load throughout the entire life cycle – from raw Fabric to use. That is why the Nordic Ecolabel follows strict environmental, health and quality requirements. The Nordic Ecolabel also sets demands on working conditions in accordance with ILO’s core conventions. OEKO-TEX ensures a secure textile without hazardous chemicals OEKO-TEX is an international certification system for textile raw Fabrics and clothes, which ensures that the end-product does not contain hazardous chemicals. Testing is exclusively carried out by authorised and independent labs. OEKO-TEX is a guarantee that the product corresponds to REACH (the EU’s chemical legislation). Cottover is certified by several ecolabels, which together cover the largest sustainability challenges faced when manufacturing clothing. The certification bodies have all put their label – their guarantee of independence – on our garments.