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Corporate Social Responsibility ACCORD ON FIRE AND BUILDING SAFETY IN BANGLADESH The Accord is a legal agreement to improve fire- and building safety for the textile industry in Bangladesh. More than 2 million workers are affected with the Accord improvements, which makes it one of our most important initiatives for social responsibility. BSCI (BUSINESS SOCIAL COMPLIANCE INITIATIVE) Pa r ti cipa nt of BS CI BSCI is an initiative for companies that are committed to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. The BSCI Code of Conduct contains requirements on minimum wage, working hours, prohibition of child labour and several other important criteria TEXTILE EXCHANGE Textile Exchange is an international non-profit organization working for the responsible expansion of organic cotton production. While the demand for organic cotton is increasing, the available production is not sufficient. MISTRA FUTURE FASHION Mistra Future Fashion is a research programme focusing on sustainable fashion and working for a positive future for the fashion industry. The programme has a unique system perspective, and the vision and aim of the programme is to ensure a systemic change to transform the industry into a sustainable one. Their interdisciplinary approach consists of research in areas such as design, supply chains, users, and recycling, in collaboration with a large consortium¬ of more than 40 research and industry partners, including Cottover. Visit CLEAN SHIPPING INDEX The Clean Shipping Index aims to impact the shipping companies to use cleaner vessels and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and chemical contamination of our seas. Our goal is that all our products will be certified with OEKO-TEX Oeko-Tex is the best known label worldwide for textile