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Quality specification 3M™ Thinsulate™ COOLDRY / COOLTOUCH 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation helps to keep you warm when it’s cold outside. The microfibers that make up Thinsulate insulation work by trapping air molecules between you and the outside. The more air a quality traps in a given space‚ the better it insulates you from the cold outside air. This is a quality that both breathes and releases moisture. Cooldry also stands out because of its quick-drying nature, ensuring a feeling of freshness even during physical exertion. WIND- / WATER REPELLENT & BREATHABLE C O O L D R Y C O O LT O U C H F T S O S SOFTSHELL H E L L By applying this method, a windproof with a water repellent surface is obtained. This can be done chemiacally or through weaving technologies in the quality. WIND- / WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE These three functions are found in most outer garments, which have a special coating or membran on the inside of the outermost layer that stops water and wind while allowing the quality to breath. WIND- / WATERPROOF ZIPPER Softshell is a modern quality that provides optimal freedom of movement. The quality is wind- and waterproof with good breathability. Softshell is a soft and stretchable 3-layer laminate, a quality that dries very rapidly. Require a special printing technique BREATHABLE This is a quality that both breathes and releases moisture. A soft and flexible quality that can be washed many times without losing its shape and function. OEKO-TEX Textiles bearing the OEKO-TEX ® label meet high human ecological requirements and are free from any amounts of harmful substances. WIND- / WATERPROOF TAPED SEAM WASHING INSTRUCTIONS You can do quite a lot to maintain the look and life of your clothes. Washing your clothes according to the washing instructions will keep them looking good for much longer. Always wash dark garments separately and use a non- bleaching washing detergent to protect both the garment and environment. The garments in our collection have many uses and include everything from T-shirts to jackets in a variety of qualitys. This means that they must be cared for individually in order to maintain their colour and application. All our garments come with clear washing and care instructions. IRONING The symbol of an iron indicates that the garment can be ironed or mangled. The number of dots in the iron is the temperature recommended for the garment. Do not iron directly onto a printed garment or on its reverse. 156 WASHING IN WATER The symbol of a tub indicates that the garment is machine washable or can be washed by hand. The tub will either show the recommended washing temperature or a hand symbol for hand wash. All our garments can be spindried. A crossed over tub symbol means that the garment cannot be washed in water. CHLORINE BLEACHING Triangle – the garment can be chlorine bleached. The letters in the triangle shows the chemical term for chlorine. A crossed over triangle means that the garment cannot be chlorine bleached. DRY-CLEANING Circle in the garment can be dry-cleaned. The letter inside the circle refers to the recommended washing solution. A crossed over circle means that the garment cannot be dry-cleaned. YKK High quality zippers. The pictures in the catalogue and the actual products may differ slightly in colour due to the methods of photography and printing used. The scenic pictures may also differ somewhat from the pictures of the products as a result of varying light conditions, in which case we recommend that you refer to the product pictures.