Product Literature Vol 3 Optimax Genotyping

Corey Goyeneche Research Teaching Specialist IV Department of Neurology & Neurosciences UMDNJ, New Jersey Medical School NJMS Cancer Center 205 South Orange Ave Newark, NJ 07103 Dr. Teresa Wood Professor and Rena Warshow Chair in Multiple Sclerosis Department of Neurology & Neurosciences NJMS UH Cancer Center H1200 205 South Orange Avenue Newark, NJ 07103 Ira Augenzucker Product Line Manager Labnet International 31 Mayfield Ave Edison, NJ 08837 Katherine Strathearn Ph.D. Cell Application Scientist Corning Incorporated Life Sciences 2 Alfred Road Kennebunk, ME 04043 Common laboratory research practice utilizes PCR to validate transgenic mouse lines. Validation of these lines typically involve multiple primer sets with various annealing temperatures leading to a very tedious and time consuming process. To allow researchers the opportunity to evaluate multiple transgenes within one PCR reaction, Labnet offers the MultiGene OptiMax. Traditional thermal cyclers utilize a Peltier microchip block that is enabled for either homogeneous or gradient temperature mode. Additionally, with a traditional thermal cycler, a user can only utilize one annealing temperature per experiment. The new Labnet MultiGene OptiMax has six distinct Peltier microchip elements that allow users to select up to six different annealing temperatures. This allows for the possibility to evaluate multiple genes in one experiment. The focus of this study was to evaluate the ability of the Labnet MultiGene OptiMax to perform multiple PCR reactions with various annealing temperatures within one experiment. The mouse line used in this application note is a transgenic PTD mouse. Typically, the validation for this line requires three separate PCR runs that are more than three hours each. The Labnet MultiGene OptiMax decreased the time required for these PCR experiments by completing the validation with one PCR run, which was performed in approximately three hours. The results depicted here demonstrate the ability to achieve similar product yields using the Labnet Multigene Optimax compared to a traditional thermal cycler. Taken together, the Labnet thermal cycler provides users with an option for a time saving programming mode to quickly validate transgenic mouse lines.