Product Knowledge The Demi FAQ Sheet - Oct16

1. Does The Demi contain an alkali? No, it is a neutral pH and contains no alkali. 2. How long will The Demi last? Traditional demi-permanent colors typically last 4-6 weeks. One of the great benefits of The Demi is how beautifully it fades on tone. 3. Can Color Shots® be intermixed with The Demi? No. 4. What kind of gray blending can I expect with The Demi? The Demi will provide discreet coverage for guests; please refer to the paper chart for visuals.  Keep in mind the importance of the hair’s texture, natural level and percentage of gray. The darker, coarser and grayer the hair, the less “blending” you will see. 5. If I want to compare my PM SHINES® formulations to The Demi, what should I keep in mind? Please keep in mind these brands ARE NOT the same product, though they use the same Processing Liquid to activate.  The base, families and coverage are all distinctly different by design.  PM SHINES has a more translucent result. To achieve the desired end result, many colorists learned to drop levels or formulate by intermixing different levels and tones.  The Demi is designed to be a pick and place formulation. Each shade represents an accurate level of depth and tonality. 6. How is The Demi Clear different than PM SHINES Clear Shine? As stated above, The Demi and PM SHINES are different formulations. They should not be mixed or used in place of one another.  The Demi Clear is used to create more translucent results when intermixed with other shades, whereas achieving “in between” levels is best achieved by intermixing The Demi shades. For example: Mix 1 part 9A + 2 parts 6A to achieve level 7A  PM SHINES Clear Shine is used to create in-between levels. For example: Mix 3 parts 6A + 1 part Clear Shine to achieve level 7A 7. What could cause The Demi to become less of a gelled viscosity and more of an unfavorable liquid viscosity when processing? Paul Mitchell® Processing Liquid is the only activator that should be used with The Demi. When thoroughly mixed, this will achieve the desired gel viscosity for application and processing.  If there is excess salt present in the hair from the ocean or sweat, etc., this could loosen the viscosity to a thinner and more “runny” consistency. In this instance, pre-treatment with Shampoo Two® or Shampoo Three® is recommended. 8. Can The Demi be mixed with PM SHINES? No. 9. Can 5 or 10 volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer be used in place of Paul Mitchell Processing Liquid? No. Cream Developer will create a more liquid viscosity and could result in dripping.