Product Knowledge Product Guide - JF17 - Page 34

AWAPUHI WILD GINGER ® REPAIR KERATIN-RICH PRODUCTS HELP REPAIR DAMAGE CAUSED BY HEAT STYLING AND CHEMICAL PROCESSING. Moisturizing Lather Shampoo® Rich Sulfate-Free Lather Keratin Intensive Treatment® Deep Hydration and Protection What it does: Color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo gently hydrates, protects and helps rebuild and repair dry, brittle strands. How it works: Exclusive KeraTriplex® blend replenishes every strand for healthy-looking hair, while awapuhi extract balances moisture for manageability and shine. Added bonus: Gentle enough to use daily. What it does: Weekly deep conditioner repairs and protects vulnerable hair, and delivers intense hydration and shine. How it works: KeraTriplex® rebuilds and repairs to transform lackluster hair, while awapuhi extract replenishes every strand with intense moisture and shine. Added bonus: Instantly improves hair texture with noticeable results. SIZES (OZ): 3.4 8.5 33.8 SIZES (OZ): 3.4 5. b㐠W&F7&V&6\*6ƷFǒ6FFpvBBFW37G&VwFV2B&FV7G0G&V&VBG&W76W2B7FFǒFWFvW2f 6ƷVFr"आrBv&3W6W6fRW&G&W*&V@V2&W"WfW'7G&BB&FV7Bv7@FvRvRvVWG&7B6gFV2@FG26RFFVB&W3&WV6W2F'7G"FG06RB26"6fRࠣ3 4U22BR32〠