Product Knowledge Pop XG FAQ Sheet - Oct16

FAQ Sheet 1. How is POP XG™ removed from the hair?  Like all direct dyes, the longevity of POP XG™ is largely based on porosity and hair condition. It’s always best to test strand your options and then choose the least aggressive removal approach. Below are methods in order of least aggressive to most aggressive: o Baking soda + Shampoo One® paste: Mix 1 tbsp. of baking soda + 1 oz. of Shampoo One® and apply to dry hair. Process in a plastic processing cap for 10 minutes under low heat. Dampen with warm water in the Wash House SM and work into a lather. Rinse well and condition. o Shampoo Two® + Dual-Purpose Lightener: Mix 1 oz. of Shampoo Two® + 1 scoop of Dual-Purpose Lightener (no developer) and follow the same process as above. o Color balance: Mix 1 oz. of Shampoo One® + 1 scoop of Dual-Purpose Lightener + 1 oz. of 10 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer. o Lightener: Apply any Paul Mitchell® Lightener with a low volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer and apply it to unwanted color. This won’t always completely remove POP XG™, but it will lighten the hair to a shade that can be easily colored over with a darker, natural formula. 2. How can I make my POP XG™ formula last longer?  The most important factors for POP XG™ longevity are proper pre-lightening and overall porosity and hair condition. Maintenance with some of Paul Mitchell’s Take HomeSM systems will keep POP XG™ colors looking vibrant and fresh.  Hair color products with direct dyes (such as POP XG™ and INKWORKS®) are best maintained with cleansers like Color Protect® Shampoo, Awapuhi Shampoo® and Shampoo One®, and lightweight conditioners like Color Protect® Conditioner, The Detangler® and The Conditioner®.  Hair color products with oxidation dyes (such as the color XG® and Paul Mitchell® the color) are best maintained with sulfate-free cleansers like Forever Blonde® Shampoo, Ultimate Color Repair® Shampoo and Moisturizing Lather Shampoo®, and rich conditioners like Forever Blonde® Conditioner, Ultimate Color Repair® Conditioner and Keratin Cream Rinse®. In-process lightener additives and conditioner systems will likely inhibit the longevity and staying power of POP XG™.  1