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FM25 FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • Simple design and multiple configuration options accommodate a variety of setups and make transport easy. U.S. METRIC FLUID/MIXING SYSTEM Centrifugal pumps 2 • 25-hp (18.7-kW) Kubota® diesel engine provides the power to Suction port diameter 3 in support even the largest Ditch Witch directional drilling systems. Discharge port diameter 3 in 76 mm Fluid pressure, max 50 psi 3.4 bar • Choice of one or two hoppers, either a 500-gallon (1893-L) or Pump discharge rate, max (each pump) 300 gpm 1100 l/min 1,000-gallon (3785-L) tank, and a fuel fill on both sides, allows Flow rate to boring unit 0-200 gpm 0-750 l/min 1893/3785 L ® 76 mm Drilling fluid tank capacity (nominal, each tank) 500/1,000 gal Solids addition rate w/metering plate 30 lb/min 14 kg/m • Optional accessories, including an anti-siphon tank fill and an Solids addition rate w/out metering plate 75 lb/min 34 kg/m umbrella kit, enhance the FM25’s versatility. Mixing hopper capacity (each hopper) 1 ft3 28 L Typical tank mixing time 7-10 min flexible setup configurations on a trailer or truck. POWER U.S. METRIC Engine Kubota® D1105 DIMENSIONS Fuel Diesel MIXING SYSTEM W/TWO 500-GALLON TANKS Cooling medium Water Length 175 in 4.45 m Injection Indirect Width 92 in 2.34 m Aspiration Natural Number of cylinders 3 Height Tank assembly w/out fill pipe 68 in 1.73 m Displacement 68.5 in3 1.12 L Tank assembly w/fill pipe 75 in 1.91 m Bore 3.07 in 78 mm Weight, empty 2,350 lb 1070 kg Stroke 3.09 in 78.4 mm Weight, full of water 10,650 lb 4830 kg Manufacturer's gross power rating (per SAE J1995) 25 hp 18 kW Rated speed 3,000 rpm MIXING SYSTEM W/TWO 1,000-GALLON (NOMINAL) TANKS Length 205 in 5.21 m Width 96 in 2.44 m Height Tank assembly w/out fill pipe 72 in 1.83 m Tank assembly w/fill pipe 80 in 2.03 m Weight, empty 3,450 lb 1570 kg Weight, full of water 19,850 lb 9000 kg FLUID CAPACITIES Fuel tank 9.2 gal 35 L Engine lubrication oil, including filter 4.2 qt 4L Specifications are general and subject to change without notice. If exact measurements are required, equipment should be weighed and measured. Due to selected options, delivered equipment may not necessarily match that shown.