Pro Installer September 2013 - Issue 06 ISSUE 06 | SEPTEMBER 2013 FREE » 08 Fast growing trade counter » 15 Be inspired » 16 Statement of intent » 22 Opportunity knocks Act now! Before it’s too late… It’s incredible to think that we are well into September. The weeks seem to go by faster and faster with no time to pause for thought; this is true in life and in business, but in business thinking time is even more critical. Often unnoticed trades that have served you well for many years can suddenly stop and it is generally only when it is too late that this realisation hits you. That is the point when, as the owner of a glass shop, a showroom, a trade counter or a depot, you realise you need an additional reve- nue stream, something to help you recover your fixed overhead and to make some profit. But better if you can be looking at this situation pro-actively and planning your future rather than having to react when it is too late. There are many options available to you if you are looking for new opportuni- ties, but perhaps the most exciting, the most cost effective, and the most profitable opportunity in the market at the minute is to become an MPL Approved Stockist. To find out how turn to page 54 and discover how to tap into one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry. stop working! The FENSA MTC Card Personalised with your name and photo Prove you can do the job YOUR NAME HERE You need to apply now:** An A+ (or three) Page 28. Approved stockist opportunites. Page 55. If you’re not compliant with MTC* by June 2014 that’s what you will have to do. But not if you have the FENSA MTC Card – which is open to everyone in the industry. This is the easy way to satisfy MTC either through relevant industry experience or qualifications. Don’t just say you can do it – prove you can with the FENSA MTC Card The FENSA MTC Card Scheme is managed and administered by GGF Training Ltd, a sister company to FENSA. *Minimum Technical Competencies have been extended to the glazing industry by government effective from June 2014. They are mandatory. **All installers and surveyors registered with any glazing Competent Person Scheme (CPS) must also be MTC compliant. 2539 ProInstaller_FENSA_horz_Sept_issue_4press.indd 1 10 9 11 10 9 8 12 11 8 7 Countdown to MTC Compliance 15/08/2013 11:31