Pro Installer October 2016 - Issue 43 ISSUE 43 | OCTOBER 2016 FREE » 04 Safety first with fire doors » 15 Self-service solution » 23 Battling spooky season » 40 Fit more, earn more SNAPSHOT OF FUTURE HOUSING TRENDS Industry professionals have shared their predictions for the future of residential architecture in a national survey from Reynaers at Home. The majority of respondents said that sustainability was high on the agenda for the houses of tomorrow. Architect: Crahay & Jamaigne Architectes Photo: Samuel Defourny Looking at the current industry, architects agreed that energy efficiency is still a critical consideration when designing a project, with 48% of respondents citing it as the most popular trend. When asked: “What does the future hold for housing design?” almost half said more affordable homes for the younger population. More than one in ten also said that tech-based solutions for smaller spaces will be a prominent future trend. Architects predicted that there will be more properties built to meet energy demands and budgets for all ages, with a focus on flexibility and functionality supported by innovative design and quality. One architect said: “The future in housing design ‘Maximising space and light were mentioned as key trends for the future’ needs more affordable housing for all ages, but there’s not the political will to make this happen. Too many people are heavily invested in the inflated housing market.” Maximising space and light were mentioned as key trends for the future, as well as amenities and space planning, cost-effective repetitive grid facades and floating corners with bifold or sliding doors below. Compared with Reynaers at Home’s 2013 survey, there was a 12% collective increase in popularity for panoramic window walls, bifold doors and floating ceiling corners. Continues on page 2 Is your supplier letting you down ? from only £365 per leaf Aluminium Win a WINBAG® with Glazpart. P12. Guarantee scheme makes life easier. P42. £ GET A PRICE COMPARISON TODAY V Visofold Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors /madefortrade PRO-INSTALLER_front_page_bifolds_Aug 2016.indd 1 @madefortrade1 Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: 01642 671026 14/07/2016 14:06