Pro Installer May 2016 - Issue 38 ISSUE 38 | MAY 2016 FREE » 03 Toddler’s caring surprise » 06 New conservatory guide » 18 Politics hits Pilkington » 43 Blackpool – DIY black spot TOOL SAVES TONS OF TIME “The WINBAG® is a truly ingenious tool – but most nobody knows it yet.” Just one of the reports about the new tool which is winning awards across the world with the most recent in America being ‘Most Innovative Building Product’ and ‘Best in Show’ at the International Builders’ Show (IBS 2016). The WINBAG® has also just picked up another award, ’Best New Product’ at the Lumber and Building Material Expo 2016 at the Rhode Island Convention Centre, also in the US. The WINBAG® is among the most versatile and revolutionary tools available The WINBAG® is just that – something new. The company behind it says it will strike you at first as an ‘odd-looking product’ and you will most likely have second thoughts about buying a craftsman tool that looks more like something out of a doctor’s office for measuring blood pressure. The WINBAG®, made in Denmark, is used for many installations, adjusting and lifting applications and is patent pending in many countries worldwide. It uses a soft – yet very strong – air pillow developed when a window installer grew tired of the hassle of handling large windows, using only wooden or plastic shims on his own. But don’t let the appearance fool you. The WINBAG® is among the most versatile and revolutionary tools available. It will completely change the way installers do all kinds of work, making their lives a lot easier while saving them tons of time. You can even toe and heel doors on your own - no more balancing a door on your big toe whilst aligning the hinges! The Glazpart WINBAG® for professionals air wedge is ideal for window installation. Fix and level quicker with no wedges and use them as an extra pair of hands. Continues on page 2 Is your supplier letting you down ? from only Rights for older workers. P10. Premium products are key. P22. £ ££ GET A PRICE COMPARISON TODAY PRO-INSTALLER_front_page_bifolds_may2016.indd 1 £365 + vat per leaf Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: 01642 671026 21/04/2016 14:27